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Fast Food Chicken Dippin' Sauce Showdown: Popeye's Vs. McDonald's Vs. Burger King

Fast Food J. Kenji López-Alt 46 comments

Picking which fast food joint to buy your finger-food-fried-chicken-product-based lunch using the quality of available dipping sauces as the criteria is sort of like picking what cell phone to purchase based on its after-market case options, or which woman to marry based on her favorite cereal. There are rare cases in which this makes sense, but those cases are few and far between. Still, we wondered: all other things being equal, which of the three fast food establishments near our office would offer the best dipping experience? More

Chain Reaction: We Try the New Chicken Waffle Tenders From Popeyes

Fast Food Lee Movic 19 comments

The new Chicken Waffle Tenders from Popeyes are not chicken and waffles. They are tender pretenders, culinary link bait that reflect, perhaps, fried chicken's attempt to rebut the bacon arms race that had plagued awesome-ized every hamburger joint in America. That said, they're still pretty darn good. More

Got Extra Popeye's Biscuits? Save'em For Breakfast Sandwiches

J. Kenji López-Alt 46 comments

This is a post about making breakfast sandwiches with Popeye's biscuits—certainly the finest fast food biscuits available in the greater New York metropolitan area, and arguably the greatest fast food biscuits available anywhere. More

We Try the New Strawberry n' Cream Cheese Pie from Popeyes

Sweets Todd Brock 3 comments

Popeyes has long featured cinnamon apple pies and sweet potato pies on their dessert menu, but their new limited time offering puts the spotlight on the official state fruit of Louisiana, the strawberry. (Yeah. Who knew? See, kids, stay in school. Or... get a job eating and then writing about fast food.) More

We Try Popeye's Mardi Gras Cheesecake

Sweets Will Gordon 8 comments

Though I don't eat a lot of dessert, I am one of the legions of fast eaters who will follow Popeye's into most any culinary battle, so I had no problem imagining a genre-redefining Mardi Gras Cheesecake experience. The reality? A bitter disappointment. More

Fast Food: Popeyes Crawfish Tackle Box

Fast Food Will Gordon 14 comments

Popeyes emphasizes their Louisiana roots at every turn, but it's still pretty bold to offer a nationwide special on crawfish. For a limited time, $4.99* will get a thrill- or fish-seeking fast foodie a Crawfish Tackle Box featuring big pile of fried crawfish nuggets, a small batch of Cajun fries, a biscuit, and a tub of Creamy Horseradish Sauce. It's a good deal. More

A Sandwich a Day: Nick's Pulled Lamb Sandwich from Popeye's in Lake Geneva

Chicago Dennis Lee 6 comments

Lake Geneva is one of those places we Illinois folks escape to during the summer to get away for a day, far from the maddening crowds. Plus, you get to eat at Popeye's, which isn't affiliated with the fast food restaurant. It's a kitschy Atlantic-themed restaurant with beautiful views of the lake, but what really grabs you are the rotisseries out front with the spinning pig and hunks of lamb. More

Chain Reaction: New Pies from McDonald's and Popeyes

Sweets Gracie Dulik 7 comments

Just in time for summer, McDonald's introduced a S'mores Pie, and Louisiana-style fried chicken chain Popeyes has followed suit with a Southern Peach Pie. We gave both a try at Serious Eats Headquarters. More

We Visit the Popeyes Test Kitchen and Try New Menu Items

Todd Brock 17 comments

Popeyes corporate headquarters (in Atlanta) recently opened its doors for us to visit their test kitchen. They don't normally do this; in fact it was the first time the chain invited food bloggers to tour its facilities. We got to sample their brand-new butterfly shrimp, as well as some items that aren't even on the menu yet. More

Popeyes' New Louisiana Leaux Menu: 'Healthier' Naked Chicken Options

Fast Food Will Gordon 21 comments

Many people scoff at the notion of light fast food, and with good reason; many more people scoff at white-meat chicken for no good reason. Popeyes has a new "Louisiana Leaux: Get Up and Geaux" menu of lower-calorie grilled chicken options. Ridiculous name aside, I actually expected good things from my leaux-down dinner of a Naked BBQ Chicken Po' Boy, Naked Chicken Wrap, and Naked Tenders Meal. More

The Best Way to Eat Popeye's Fried Chicken

J. Kenji López-Alt 27 comments

I got a letter in my inbox from none other than Anthony Myint, co-owner and chef at Mission Chinese Food (one of the best restaurants I ate at last year) sharing a fried chicken hack. "Allow dark meat pieces to cool completely, even overnight in the fridge. Fry at 350 F for 2-3 minutes and then allow to drain/rest for 3 minutes. Crunch Factor!" More

Refried Popeye's (A.K.A. Extra Crispy Popeye's Fried Chicken)

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 1 comment

Note: This technique will work with any fried chicken.... More

Use Popeye's Chicken Nuggets to Make Awesome Homemade Chinese-American Food

J. Kenji López-Alt 71 comments

I often find myself craving that crispy, saucy, glazed fried chicken that's ubiquitous on Chinese-American restaurant menus—the stuff used to make General Tso's, or Orange Chicken, or Sesame Chicken, or Americanized versions of Kung Pao Chicken. But frankly, the sauces and vegetables that come with most restaurant versions just ain't very good. Wouldn't it be great if I could just make this stuff for myself at home to suit my own tastes? Yes. The solution is picking up a couple boxes of chicken nuggets from Popeye's to use as the foundation. More

Kung Pao Popeye (Kung Pao Chicken Made with Popeye's Nuggets)

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 5 comments

For best results, use Popeye's chicken nuggets or popcorn shrimp. Other brands will work if necessary. More

Popeye Tso's Chicken (General Tso's Chicken Made with Popeye's Chicken Nuggets)

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 11 comments

For best results, use Popeye's chicken nuggets or popcorn shrimp. Other brands will work if necessary. More

The Best Fast-Food Fried Chicken Sandwich?

Fast Food John M. Edwards 55 comments

In the fast food world, fried chicken sandwiches are the new black. Just about every chain, whether a burger chain or fried chicken establishment, offers multiple versions. But which are the best? We tried the standard fried chicken sandwiches, whether chicken patty-like or chicken fillet-like, from KFC, Popeye's, McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, Wendy's, and Burger King. During the tasting, one thing became very clear: not all chicken is created equal. More

We Tried Popeye's Fried Crawfish Special

Fast Food John M. Edwards 18 comments

The last time I went to New Orleans, my buddy and I ate a pound of crawfish while sitting on the hood of his car. They're like little Southern lobsters: little red crustaceans with small, but deliciously meaty tails. Throughout the month of November, Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen is offering fried crawfish as their "Popeye's Crawfish Special," a limited-time promotion. (Today, November 3rd, they're offering a free taste of fried crawfish to anyone who walks in.) More

The Great Fast-Food Wings Taste Test

Fast Food Erin Zimmer 32 comments

In preparation for the big game, we ordered a mess of wings from the big chains: Domino's, KFC, Popeyes, Pizza Hut, and Papa John's. Braving the threat of orange fingernails, we found the spiciest, the slimiest, the all-around most delicious, and the most edible blue cheese sauce for dunking. More

Grocery Eats Goes Off on Popeyes Chicken Biscuit

Fast Food Adam Kuban 12 comments

Photograph from Beer and Rap on Flickr SergDun of Grocery Eats completely goes off on the new Popeyes chicken biscuit sandwich. Warning: He curses up a storm in this post, so it's NSFW (if you have prying eyes reading your screen) and not suitable for delicate sensibilities. I know I'm not much better because I f****** paid them to do it but still this is a waste. Yeah it's good but they are charging you a service that could be completed with a plastic knife. I think it actually looks pretty good. Popeyes has great fried chicken and great biscuits. What's not to love? (Unless, of course, there's a mark-up for the assembly.) Related When on the Jersey Turnpike,... More

When on the Jersey Turnpike, Eat at Popeyes

Fast Food Robyn Lee 20 comments

Stay away from Roy Rogers' fried chicken. Far away. Last weekend I had the unfortunate experience of eating at a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike. While the obvious thing to do when having to make a decision between Nathan's, Arthur Treacher's, and Roy Rogers is to go hungry, I chose Roy Rogers. "It's fried chicken—how bad could it be?" I asked myself. Pretty bad, considering that I vowed to never eat at Roy Rogers again after that experience. If only there had been a Popeyes instead of Roy Rogers—then my New Jersey Turnpike meal would've been less loathsome. Paula Marantz Cohen of Drexel University's online journal The Smart Set discovered that Popeyes makes some "damned good" food for... More

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