'Pop Tarts' on Serious Eats

Pop-Hearts (Nutella Filled Hand Pies)

In this toothsome homemade take on a commercial classic, a tender, flaky heart shaped crust is filled with Nutella, then baked to crispy-on-the edges, soft-on-the-inside perfection. A healthy dollop of confectioners' sugar glaze with rainbow sprinkles makes these treats as adorable as they are sweet. More

We Try the Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts

It's been years since I've tried a new Pop-Tart. It's not because, twenty plus years after our first encounter, I don't still love them, but rather because they went through a neon striped, in your face, made up berry Wildlicious phase which, like Yo Gabba Gabba!, made me shake my head and think, boy I do not get kids today. Then this limited edition flavor came along and I knew my favorite pretend pastry had come home. More

We Ate at Pop-Tarts World in Times Square

At Pop-Tarts World, you can eat any number of Pop-Tarts creations. And we're not just talking about toaster pastries—think peanut butter-Pop-Tart sandwiches and Pop-Tarts as sundae toppings, Pop-Tarts as a crumble crust and Pop-Tarts "sushi." We ate our way through the menu. More

Cakespy: Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Sandwiches

Did you know that the ice cream sandwich was invented in the early 1900s, as a sanitary solution for serving ice cream on hot summer days? Well, times have changed since then—society and freezers have both evolved, and instead of sandwiching our ice cream between cookie wafers, we now have the ability to serve it between layers of another modern marvel, the Pop-Tart. More

Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich

I love all things ice cream and have a soft spot for Pop Tarts, but I don't know about this Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich that Rakka made by squishing a scoop of peppermint ice cream between two cookies and cream Pop Tarts. She says it was "so very wrong but so disgustingly, deliciously right." (Oh, who am I trying to kid? I would totally eat it!)... More

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