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Like a Star Wars Costume for Your Pizza

"The Force is an energy field, created by all living things, that surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together." Up above me is what Obi Wan said, and that's what pizza is—minus the part about being created by "all living things." (Only a small percentage of all living things create pizza, when you really stop to think about it.) But the rest of the quote holds true. Whatevs. I just think these Star Wars-ified pies rock. Looks easy enough to dress up your pizza, eh? Still, these pizzas are not as good as my pumpkin-vampire costume, which rocks... More


Beatles pizzas, from a series of celebrity tribute pies at Angelina's Pizzeria in Cambridge, Vermont. [via Friend of Slice Kristan K., via Urban Honking]... More

Rachael Ray's Pizza Throwdown

Remember when Rachael Ray was asking for votes for the best pizza in Chicago and New York City? The results are in, and, according to Friend of Slice Tien Mao, they're being aired as we speak (if you're on Eastern Daylight Time). If you're in later time zones, you might still have a chance to watch; check your local listings. I, for one, will look for a rerun and try to DVR. In the meantime, Tien gave me some play-by-play. He's working from home, multitasking with some TV in the background, I assume.... More

Slice Mentioned on 'Millionaire'

Holy Slice! FOS Tien Mao called earlier today while I was at IKEA picking up some office furniture for Serious Eats, and he said he was working from home, flipping through channels, and just happened to land on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. One of the questions, he said, was something to the effect of "The New York–based website SliceNY.com is a blog dedicated to what food: pies, hot dogs, pizza, pretzels?" (I'm probably getting the foods wrong there, but you get the gist.) This is a stretch, because who DVRs Millionaire, which apparently airs in the afternoon now,... More

Slice's New Favorite Song: 'Dom'

An awesome email from the Slice inbox today: Dear Slice folks, My name's James, and I'm a fan of your site. Waaaaay back around 2001 or 2002, I wrote and recorded a song. It's called "Dom," and it is about a certain pizzaman in Brooklyn, about whom you know a little something. It's a little out of date now. Listen to "Dom": Dom I know the guy that makes the bestest pie in town His ass is not under the bridge You will not find him in Coney Island You will not find him in Bay Ridge... More

Cute Song: 'Take a Pizza to Lunch'

We recently got an email from songwriter Thomas Ventiquattro II alerting us to his new song "Take a Pizza to Lunch." You can hear a sample of it here. (Depending on your computer's settings, link may open in iTunes and begin playing music.)... More

Pizza Aroma Gives Suspects Away

Somethin' don't smell right: COLUMBUS, IND. — A sheriff's deputy sniffed out two men suspected of robbing a pizza delivery woman when he caught a whiff of pepperoni and sausage pizza at their home. Smell of pizza leads deputy to suspects [forbes.com]... More

Pizza Art by Ted Mineo

Artist and Slice reader Ted Mineo emailed us a link to a few of his pieces that feature pizza. Above is Communion (15-inch square, oil on canvas over panel, 2006). When the aliens come, I hope they arrive in spacecraft like these: Hemisphere 1 (20 by 24 inches, watercolor on paper, 2005) I, for one, welcome our new pizza overlords. Ted tells us he's got some other pizza artworks in the works, including sculptures and a circular pizza rug that you'll be able to buy by the slice. For more on Ted's work, see tedmineo.com.... More

David Blaine Loves Di Fara

Stunt magician David Blaine loves Di Fara Pizza. He must have gone there after his latest trick, in which he submerged himself in a water-filled bubble: While in the sphere, Blaine said, "I passed the time by pretending to be an astronaut, floating freely in space." He dreamed of his favorite restaurant, Di Fara's Pizzeria in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, where he goes after every stunt. And here's from a wonderful interview Jeff Vandam did with Di Fara proprietor Dom Demarco for the New York Times: "You want to know something? A lot of people, they pay more for... More

Game: Pizza Frenzy

Not available for Mac :( Talk about a cheesy game. It's your job to deliver pizzas around town in a timely manner. The better you do, the more tips you'll get. Use the mouse to match the pizza order with the correct restaurant, and to place the toppings in the right order on the pizza. Pizza Frenzy [Shockwave.com]... More

Pizza Delivery Violates Ex-C.O.'s Restraining Order

A former New Hampshire corrections officer, just hours after being indicted on charges of raping inmates he was in charge of guarding, violates his parole by delivering pizza to a prison: "Pretty stupid, huh?" said [bail enforcement agent Lance] Wilkinson. "I told him, 'If Jesus Christ told me to deliver those pizzas, I would have said no.' " Pizza proves indicted guard's downfall [New Hampshire Union Leader]... More

Pizza and a Movie in Trenton, Anyone?

Some of you pizzaheads may already have Pizza! The Movie on your radar. Word is that the producers (see photo, above) have finished it and it's being screened at various film festivals. The nearest screening to Slice HQ will be in Trenton, New Jersey, on Sunday May 7 at 2:30 p.m., as part of the Trenton Film Festival. Anybody up for making a pizza road trip out there? Here's the plan: We'll take the 12:13 p.m. NJTransit Northeast Corridor Line from Penn Station and arrive in Trenton at 1:37 p.m. Round-trip Off-Peak tix are $19.50 each. From there, it's... More

Heath Ledger Spotted at Lombardi's

Heath Ledger. 3/29/2006. Lombardi’s Pizza. 32 Spring St. 8pm. Sat down with 2 friends, in the booth right next to me. No Michelle and baby Matilda. Ordered a sausage pizza. Looks like he likes the sausage, not just in the movies. (I’m sorry, bad joke). [Gawker Stalker]... More

Luzzo's Pizza on Martha

A tipster tipped us to the fact that Lower East Side coal-burner Luzzo's will be featured on Martha this morning. New Yorkers can tune in to the show on WNBC-4 at 11 a.m. Anyone else, check your local listings. LUZZO'S Location: 211-13 First Ave. (b/n 12th and 13th streets) [map] Phone: 212-473-7447 FURTHER READING Martha Visits East Village's Luzzo's [Slice Archives] Jeffrey Steingarten on Coal-Oven Pizza [Slice Archives] Luzzo's: New Coal-Oven Place in the City! [Slice Archives] Luzzo's in the Post [Slice Archives]... More

Pizza on 'The Office'

On last night's episode of The Office, painfully obtuse boss Michael initiates some male bonding among the white-collar office workers and blue-collar warehouse staff. After totally mucking things up ("I am collar-blind"), he orders pizza to try to smooth things over: Michael: [singsongy] PI-zzaaa. The great EQ-uilizer. Rich people love pizza. Poor people love pizza. White people love pizza. Black people love pizza. ... Do black people like pizza?... More

Sausage and Law

As you might know, I've been on jury duty. That ended yesterday around 4:30 p.m. when we came to a verdict (guilty on four of the six counts). While we argued in the jury room, I recalled a quote attributed to Otto von Bismarck: "Those who love sausage and obey the law should not watch either being made." Which in turn led me to think, "Mmmm ... sausage," and then to "Mmmm ... sausage on pizza." But the quote (and the week's legal proceedings) spurred me to deeper reflection on both the law and sausage—specifically: "How hard would it be... More

How Sweet It Is

WORDS BY SELTZERBOY .::. Confetti falls in Times Square, the band plays that Guy Lombardo song, and The Honeymooners airs on WPIX. It must be New Year’s. Some traditions are more well known than others, but for residents of the New York area, something would seem awry without the latter, which ritually kicks off the television year with several hours’ worth of the seminal sitcom. It’s still easy to appreciate the timeless humor of these 50-year-old episodes, even when you know all the plots and punch lines. And held above the fray of our tawdry popular culture, The Honeymooners assumes... More

Deliver Us the Evildoers

What started with a car theft turned into an escape and resulting chase that ended with the male fugitive being caught hiding out in a woman's restroom by an officer who received a ride from a pizza deliveryman. Chase involving pizza deliveryman ends in ladies' room [7online.com]... More

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