'Pocky' on Serious Eats

Japanese Snacks: Pocky

Like monster movies, martial arts, and cartoon pornography, the Japanese are the only ones in the world who have managed to refine and re-imagine snack foods in a way that can only be described as art. Whether they're wacky, cute, insane, or just plain delicious, we've got a major thing for Japanese snacks at SEHQ. Over the next few weeks, we'll be eating our way through our giant Japanese snack box. First up: Pocky. More

How to Make Your Own Pocky

These mock Pocky varities at Not Quite Nigella are a little elaborate (and a lot beautiful). If you want the recipe there translated to cups and teaspoons, Planet Green has done the work for you. [via Twitter]... More

Pumpkin-Flavored Pocky Snacks

Hel-lo, pumpkin. As Helen of Ready Steady Go points out, this is a good reason to love October and Japan simultaneously. The Japanese stick snacks Pocky have been spotted in such flavors as banana, green tea, and milk, but pumpkin? Even lifetime Pocky eater Robyn was speechless. Good News: The ingredients contain actual pumpkin. Bad News: They may not taste like actual pumpkin.... More

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