'Playstation' on Serious Eats

Mega Man 'E' Energy Tanks Are Now Real: In Energy Drink Form

Image from news.dengeki.com To help promote the video game Mega Man 9 (or Rockman 9 in Japan)—the latest edition in the Mega Man series—a special energy drink will be released this month in Japan. The Rockman E-Tank Sports Drink pays homage to the E-Tanks used to refill your energy bar in the game. The drink will retail for 137 yen (or $1.25 in U.S. dollars). The new game, in all its retro 8-bit glory, will be released on Playstation 3 (on the Playstation network), Xbox 360 (on Xbox Live Arcade), and Nintendo Wii (on WiiWare). Watch the game trailer after the jump. [via Kotaku]... More

Save the Fat Princess!

New for the Playstation 3 is the game Fat Princess in which two teams of players must try to save their team's princess. It may sound like it's been done before, but there's a twist here: the enemy fattens up the princess, making her more and more difficult to bring back. The game will have single and multiplayer, support for up to 32 players (two 16 player teams), 10 maps, and one obese princess to rescue. [via Kotaku]... More

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