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Some Blathering on Washington, D.C., Pizza: Paradiso, 2 Amys, Mia's Pizzas, Comet Ping Pong

Slice Adam Kuban 45 comments

Got an email here from a D.C. pizza fiend ... Pizzeria Paradiso. I think it is the best 'za in D.C. Far better than the kids-fest that is 2 Amys. Plus, there is some chef overlap there. Has Slice been there?—Nick Has Slice ever been? The short answer, no. The looooong answer, with D.C. pizza blatherage, after the jump.... More

A Slice of Heaven: Washington, D.C.

Slice Ed Levine 10 comments

Hey, Slicesters, Ed Levine here. If you follow this site regularly, you know we've been excerpting chapters and info from the pizza book I wrote, Pizza: A Slice of Heaven. Since Adam has been talking a lot about D.C. pizza as of late, I thought I'd post my chapter on the subject. Enjoy! —EdIt was at Ella's Wood Fired Pizza, the first stop on my Washington, D.C., pizza tour, that I developed my owner-occupied pizza theory. I sat down at a table across from the beautiful, fire-engine-red, wood-fired brick oven and ordered a Margherita and a marinara pizza. I asked... More

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