'Pizza Therapy' on Serious Eats

Pizza Obsessive: Albert Grande, Creator of 'Pizza Therapy'

Name: Albert Grande Location: Mililani, Hawaii Website(s): pizzatherapy.com, legendsofpizza.com, pastatherapy.com, mypizzaface.com, pizzatherapy.blogspot.com, legendsofpizza.com/blog, @pizzatherapy on Twitter Pizza Therapy is probably the first pizza-obsessed website I saw on the web. It's like it was always there. But when did you start it? Pizza Therapy started in 1999 on a free hosting service. It ran that way for about a year. I purchased the domain in 2000. After I registered the domain, I moved the site to our own Internet server. It's been evolving ever since. Why did you start it? The site came about as a way to honor my dad.... More

Why This 'NYT' Article Is Good for Pizza

The New York Times's Oliver Strand gets his fingers in the flour in a story about homemade pizza today. Does this signify a new "pizza moment"? I hope so. But let me qualify that a bit. Parallel to the surge of new pizzerias, there's been a DIY pizza movement quietly building momentum in kitchens and backyards everywhere. So while I say that the publication of this Times article may signify a "new pizza moment," in truth this DIY pizza moment has been happening all along. What's new is that it's finally getting the attention it deserves. More

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