'Pizza Cutter' on Serious Eats

Cut Your Pizza With Laser-Guided Precision

What, you thought you could just like...slice a pizza up, any which way, and everything would be totally fine? I don't think so. Put down that pizza cutter or—god forbid—regular old knife and focus your peepers on this beauty: a laser-guided pizza cutter, from ThinkGeek. More

The Detroit Metro Area's Top 25 Pizzas

[Credit: Detroit Free Press] In May Alan Richman dropped his Top 25 Pizza List in GQ magazine and in a related story somewhat counterintuitively declared Detroit the No. 3 pizza city in the U.S. The Detroit Free Press now seems to be reacting to the pizza spotlight—a little late but better than never. What's interesting, though, is that the Freep story focuses not on the Sicilian style that Richman praised as being "flawlessly executed" consistently throughout the region but on the up-and-coming pizzerias in the Motor City. The paper rounds up 25 places to check out. View the list,... More

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