'Pizza But Not Pizza Week' on Serious Eats

My Pie Monday: wolf5659's Green Olive Pizza and Egg Pizza

[Photographs: wolf5659] I love stories like this: Hello there, this is my first submission.I kind of fell in the track of making pizzas by coincidence, I was hungry one day and I got bored of eating out, so I thought of making a pizza at home just for fun. Ended up so good that now it is a weekly habit and people around me now actually crave it and call me to make them their own pizzas.The pizza at left is my best so far. It was gone the moment it got out of the oven, made of basic... More

That's Not Pizza!

Pizza But Not Pizza Week has got me thinking: What pizza related item have you seen that has made you exclaim "That's not pizza!" It could be something silly like pizza candy, a bizarre concoction from a local spot or one of the many wacky attempts at "the Next Big Pie" by a big chain. I asked a few Slice writers, but we wanna know what kind of pie would make someone doubt the crusty, saucy, cheesy stuff. Pizza Girl: "Maggie Moo's is an ice cream shop where I recently saw an advertisement for ice cream pizza. Everything about this... More

Ode to Combos

In a recent poll Slice readers indicated a surprising love for pizza flavored Combos®. Combos® currently makes two pizza variations of the tubular, cheese-filled snack: Pizzeria Pretzel and Pepperoni Pizza Cracker. Seeing your enthusiasm for this snack inspired me to investigate these savory morsels a little more closely. Check out all things from the land of the "Combovore:" Homepage: combos.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/combos Facebook: http://facebook.com/combos What are Combos®? Why, they are crunchy cheese-filled tubes of cracker, pretzel or tortilla of course. The original salty, savory snack and all of the variations thereof were developed internally in the mid '70s at... More

Reheat: How to Make a Pizzarito

One of the folks who works on SE design, Mike Monteiro once said something in a meeting I had with him that "there are no archives" when it comes to a website. "If I haven't seen it," he said, "it's new to me." In that spirit, I'm digging out some stuff that you may not have seen if you're new to Slice. I call these Reheats. —The Mgmt. How to Make a Pizzarito originally appeared on Slice in December 2008. I thought it was a perfect Reheat for PBNPW. Basically, roll up a Totino's Party Pizza and voilà! For the... More

Totino's Pizza Rolls: How Can You Not Love Them?

The only thing wrong with pizza rolls is that you feel like such a damn kid eating them. Also, they are mouth-scaldingly hot just after they come out of the oven but cool off to lukewarm mehishness seemingly within the time it takes to eat two of them. They're like the bananas of the pizza-snack world: There's a sliver-thin window of time when they're perfectly ripe temperature-wise. More

Tarte Flambée: A Sort of Alsatian Pizza

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] OK. Up till now I guess I've been a bit coy about letting on where it is Girl Slice and I are honeymooning. Despite the fact that I'm all over the damn internet, I am a fairly private person. Forgive me. Future Adam and Future Girl Slice are in France. By now, I suspect they have eaten some tarte flambée at some weird Parisian chain that Girl Slice loves called Flam's. This is quite fitting, since it's PBNPW/Fusion Pizza week on Slice. Girl Slice blogged about tarte flambée (aka Flammenküche) on this site shortly after we... More

Welcome to 'Pizza But Not Pizza Week' / 'Fusion Pizza Week' on Slice!

If you didn't tune into Slice last week, you might not know that I am on my honeymoon right now.... Actually, Future Adam is on his honeymoon. The guy writing this is Adam from the Past. I've been preparing Slice posts to automagically appear while that jerk Future Adam is out having fun. Got that? Anyway, let me dispose of that tortured device. While I'm away, I've come up with a couple different "themed" weeks on Slice. Last week was NYC Pizza Week. This week has sort of a split-personality theme ... Pizza But Not Pizza Week coupled with Fusion... More

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