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The Most Awesome Recycling Bundle EVER

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] OK, the above pile of discarded, greasy pizza boxes would be nothing special in New Haven, but I have to admit I had a strange pizza daydream as I was downloading slices from them into freezer bags for storage in my Brooklyn home. As I said to Girl Slice: "Do you know that if a pizza connoisseur walked by this pile on recycling day, he or she WOULD FREAK? This is like if you put out empty boxes for Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation on the same day. Like the day after Christmas. But greasier." Girl Slice's... More

Pizza Box Museum: Domino's, December 12, 2008

"Domino's not responsible for pizzas ruined reading this message." Feistyfoodie said: Did no one notice Adam's comment about having funny messages printed on the bottom of the boxes? Somewhere, some poor sap is excitedly clutching his computer-ordered pizza box, flipping it upside down to read this message, and shrieking in idiotic horror as the pizza flies out and lands on the floor, cheese-side down. akk328 replied: @feisty - I noticed, and I couldn't believe Adam didn't say what it was!! It's a trick...now we all have to order. =) No one has to order, because I did it for... More

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