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Hot Dog of the Week: The Original Hot Dog Shop, aka 'Dirty O' in Pittsburgh

There's a handful of hot dog places around the country where you know as soon as you walk in the door that it's the real deal. Some sort of eccentric Coney Island atmosphere meets dive bar. The place is packed to the gills with a weird mix of businessmen, drunk college kids, hipsters and construction workers all chowing down on dogs that you couldn't replicate anywhere else in the world. Call it hot dog magic. Papaya King, Lafayette Coney Island, Rutt's Hut, Charlie's Pool Room, Ben's Chili Bowl, Gene & Jude's all have it. And most definitely the "Dirty O." More

Football, Deviled Eggs, Bloody Marys: NFL Week 8

It's back to football this weekend for me and the Patriots and oooh lookie, they're playing the Steelers. I love it when that happens, because the Patriots tend to win and then the Steelers tend to make excuses. I'm on record as acknowledging that the Patriots aren't the most noble team to root for, but man, it's beats being a Steelers fan. John the soda boy is a Steelers fan, which is weird, because he seems like a decent human being. But decent human beings don't cheer for Ben Roethlisberger, do they? More

A Sandwich a Day: Turkey and Egg at Giordano Bros. in San Francisco, CA

It seems against nature that a sandwich with french fries on it could possibly taste fresh, maybe even light. But somehow, the Pittsburgh transplants behind North Beach staple Giordano Bros. manage to make it work. It doesn't hurt that the hand-cut, skin-on french fries are respectable in their own right, nor that the thinly sliced meats come from Molinari's up Columbus. An homage to Pittsburgh, to be certain, but with all the best California sensibilities. More

The Super Bowl of Food: Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay

It's Super Bowl time, and at Serious Eats, that means the same showdown we do every year: which team wins for the best food city? This year, we'll give each city a wide berth—say, 150 miles, or until you encroach on another team's territory. After all, Packers fans don't just live in Green Bay. So if delicious foods were predicting the Super Bowl score, how would the game play out? Follow along with us, quarter by quarter. More

Super Bowl: Who Wins for Best Food City?

Oh yes, it's that time of year again. Many of us are completely absorbed by the NFL playoffs. It's easy to find sports sites and portals to discuss the football aspects of the match-ups—but when you pit these cities against each other, which have the superior food scenes? We're serious eaters, so we need a forum to discuss the merits of each city as a food lover's destination. Here we go. More

Dear Slice: 'Dinette in Pittsburgh Well Worth the Visit'

Anchovy topped with jalapeños, capers, fresh mozzarella, and tomato. [Photographs: Rodzilla] Got this nudge from longtime Slice'r/SE'r Rodzilla to check out Dinette in Pittsburgh. He was there a few weeks ago for a review on his own site and was inspired to share some intel with us all: The pies are almost the polar opposite of the Vinnie Pies that Daniel Zemans reviewed earlier this year, but equally if not more delicious. Dinette prides itself on incredibly fresh ingredients. Chef-owner Sonja Finn has quite a resume, including being a semi-finalist for the James Beard Rising Star Chef award. The... More

Hotcakes from Pamela's in Pittsburgh, PA

Hotcakes were always synonymous with pancakes for me, but that was until I tried hotcakes from Pamela's, a cash-only breakfast-and-lunch diner with six locations in the Pittsburgh area. They are completely their own thing, somewhere between a crepe and pancake, with all the good qualities of each—slightly spongy and buttery to boot, with that brown lacey pancake design on the surface. But the best part of all are the crispy edges. More

The Vinnie Pie Lives on at Vincent's Pizza Park in Pittsburgh

Any discussion of a Vinnie Pie has to start with the crust. The end crust is extremely thick and has a nice crunchy exterior and a softer but still chewy interior. If you can imagine a great hearty Italian roll - the kind needed to stand up to a saucy meatball sub - and envision that bread as a pizza crust, then you have an idea of what the crust at Vincent's is like. More

Serious Markets, Bakeries, and Delis in Pittsburgh's Strip District

Pittsburgh isn’t usually considered a culinary center. But a Saturday morning at the Strip District is a serious eater’s paradise, when everything from mung bean pancakes to fresh-baked biscotti can be snagged without leaving the sidewalk. (Not to mention the ubiquitous Steelers garb.) Just up the Allegheny from the city’s downtown, the Strip was once a major center of industry. While the Steel City’s mills and factories now lie dormant, the markets are as lively as ever. A walk down Penn Avenue shows off Pittsburgh’s Polish, Greek, Irish, and Italian roots, as well as relative newcomers from Korea and Vietnam—passionate eaters of every extraction. The Strip is at its best—if also its most crowded—on Saturday mornings. So show up... More

Sandwiches at Primanti Brothers: Pittsburgh Between Two Slices

Even the shortest visit to the Steel City will teach you that Pittsburgh pride runs deep—starting with the Steelers, and ending with the sandwich. The Primanti Bros. sandwich, that is. I had hardly touched down at the Pittsburgh International Airport before being whisked from baggage claim straight to Primanti’s for my first taste of the ‘Burgh. Their flagship location in the Strip District, where a colorful mural of notable Pittsburghers hangs along one wall, is something of a city landmark. Originally a wooden lunch stand serving huge, hearty sandwiches to Depression-era truckers pulling up to the loading docks across the street, Joe Primanti’s operation has spawned fourteen satellites throughout the city—though the first (and best) is the only one... More

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