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The Pioneer Woman's Fig-Prosciutto Pizza with Arugula

"My kids refuse to eat anything but pepperoni, but me, I don't like the same pizza topping twice," said Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman last week before her new Food Network show premiered. So when the kids and her husband Ladd, aka Marlboro Man / Captain Forearms, are out of town, she likes to make this fig-prosciutto pizza. You've probably tasted the fig plus prosciutto combo before. It's sweet, salty, and peppery all at once, and a fun way to change up the pepperoni or sausage routine. More

Preview: Pioneer Woman's New Food Network Show Premieres This Weekend

"If you can master the fine art of gravy and chicken-fried steak, you can do most things in life," Ree says in the first episode of her part cooking show, part slice-of-ranch-life reality show, which airs this Saturday, August 27th at 11:30 EST on Food Network. We caught up with her yesterday to chat about the new show, her new cookbook, and the mashed potatoes served with that chicken-fried steak. You can sneak a peek of some of the first episode here too! More

Photo of the Day: Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Has a Messy Kitchen Too

Hey, that looks a little like our kitchen during a big cooking or baking project. You know, when you might assume a mini tornado ripped through the scene? Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman, uploaded this photo over on Instagram. Ain't no shame in sharing the reality of a chaotic kitchen. Do you usually let the dirty bowls pile up, or are you a clean-as-you-go type? Does looking at this image stress you out a bit? More

Pioneer Woman's Tips on How to Control Saltiness After Brining

While brining definitely injects a lot of flavor into the bird and helps juiciness-retention, it can also mean saltier drippings—a potential problem when making stuffing and gravy. The Pioneer Woman to the rescue! She has a few tips on how to decrease the too-salty issue, like rinsing the turkey under cold water for a few minutes after brining and boiling the turkey giblets in water and using that giblet broth to thin out the gravy. More

Tasty Kitchen, a New Recipe-Sharing Site from Pioneer Woman

Longtime Serious Eats friend Ree of The Pioneer Woman is already responsible for some of our favorite recipes, most of which are butter-laden (sweet potatoes, creamed spinach, and chocolate sheet cake). Her new site Tasty Kitchen will be yet another drool-inspiring distraction. The recipe social network allows home cooks to share recipes, rate them, and add notes. Looks like a happy place and really easy to use: just search by recipe or category, and if you want to share your own, join the oven mitt-wearing fraternity by registering here.... More

I Love Creamed Spinach

I love creamed spinach. Have I mentioned that? I do. I think I first developed a love for it during my vegetarian days back in L.A., when my carnivorous friends would drag me out to steak restaurants and I had no choice but to order all the sides on the menu lest I starve. And creamed spinach was always my first choice, followed by sautéed mushrooms, roasted asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes, and carrot purée. Gosh, I was weird. More

Pioneer Woman Cooks Mashed Potatoes

Ree over at Pioneer Woman Cooks cooked up some mean mashed potatoes for a pre-Thanksgiving post. Sigh. Mashed potatoes. They’re as much a part of Thanksgiving dinner as pecan pie and Uncle Festus.But mashed potatoes are labor-intensive, and on Thanksgiving Day, that’s not necessarily an asset. The wonderful thing about these mashed potatoes is, they can be made ahead of time, then warmed in the oven when you’re ready. This has made a world of difference in my Thanksgiving Day sanity, peace, blood pressure readings, and hormone levels. The fact that they’re wonderfully delicious is simply the icing on the cake. So let’s go make ‘em. Ree's mashed potatoes contain—get this—butter, half and half, and cream cheese.... More

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