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The Food Lab: Peruvian-Style Whole Grilled Chicken

Latin Cuisine J. Kenji López-Alt 18 comments

When it comes to Peruvian roast chicken—I'm talking the kind served at places like the Pio Pio mini chain—it's all about that green sauce, right? I mean, sure, the tender chicken, kissed with the smoke of a live fire and a hint of spices and garlic is pretty damn good on its own, but it's that green sauce—spicy, tangy, and cooling—that keeps us coming back for more, right? Here's how to make'em both. More

Pio Pio Vs. Pio Pio Riko: The Battle of the Peruvian Chicken Combos

New York Sara Markel-Gonzalez 4 comments

Rotisserie chicken is great. Peruvian style rotisserie chicken is even better—and Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken combination meals are the best. Imagine a whole roasted chicken, salad, tostones, rice, beans, and salchipapas (french fries and fried hot dog slices), and as much... More

My Search for the Green Peruvian Aji Sauce Recipe

Serious Heat Andrea Lynn 16 comments

This green Peruvian dipping sauce has been an obsession of mine for years. It can be slathered onto anything for some creamy, vibrant heat. But do I have to rely on the restaurant? What if it's so addictive, I need to make it at home? And they won't disclose the recipe? Thanks to a little help from some coworkers, we cracked the case on this "secret" sauce. More

Young & Hungry: Pio Pio's Secret Green Sauce and Fried Hot Dogs

New York Jenn Sit 4 comments

From garbage plates to the chips, cheese, and chicken combination I was hooked on from English kebab vans, I have an unhealthy obsession with french fries topped with fattening goodies. So when my friend told me about salchipapas at... More

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