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Where to Get Dessert Near Pike Place Market in Seattle

Sweets Jay Friedman 5 comments

Pike Place Market is a working market for locals as well as a central attraction for tourists and business travelers alike. There are plenty of places to satisfy your sweet tooth, but here's where we recommend you start. More

We Eat Everything at Piroshky Piroshky in Seattle, Part II: Sweet

Sweets Cameron Kane 3 comments

Yesterday we shared every savory morsel at Piroshky Piroshky, the purveyor of Russian piroshki—individually-sized pies with sweet or savory fillings, wrapped in dough and baked—at Pike Place Market. But this popular shop sells sweet versions as well, and we gave them all a try. More

A Sandwich a Day: Catfish from Matt's in the Market in Seattle

A Sandwich a Day Naomi Bishop 4 comments

Matt's in the Market is nearly hidden in Pike Place Market, nestled upstairs in the building. The market bustles under the window, as diners calmly slurp oysters and order sandwiches. While there might be a better catfish sandwich somewhere, there's no way it comes with a view like this. More

Seattle: Where to Eat at Pike Place Market

The Serious Eats Team 34 comments

Whenever we're in Seattle, we make a beeline straight to Pike Place Market. The daily market has brought together farmers, fishmongers, and bakers since 1907. Even if you haven't been there, you're probably familiar with the iconic fish toss. "Hali-BUT! Hali-BUT! Heyyyyyy!" In addition to the fresh produce and seafood, we love the hot dogs, doughnuts, chowder, and other snacks from vendors all over the market. Here are eight of our must-stops. More

Gourmet Dog Japon at Seattle's Pike Place Market

J. Kenji López-Alt 18 comments

There's no denying that the Japanese have some seriously bizarre food treatments, particularly when Western food gets involved. Deep-fried hamburgers filled with potato salad? Apparently sticking two American things together makes it extra American. At Gourmet Dog Japon, they serve beef sausages, meatballs, chicken sausages and Polish kielbasa with a slew of Japanese toppings, like bonito flakes and pickled red ginger. More

Piroshky Piroshky at Pike Place Market in Seattle

Erin Zimmer 13 comments

Piroshky (or pirozhok—but not to be confused with pierogi) is the Russian version of an empanada, calzone, or any other stuffed hand-held pie. Common fillings include poppy seeds, sausage, and cabbage. At Piroshky Piroshky in Seattle's Pike Place Market, they add a Pacific Northwest twist with a version that rolls up smoked salmon pate. More

Seattle: The Original Starbucks at Pike Place Market and Trying Clover-Brewed Coffee

Drinks Erin Zimmer 25 comments

The first Starbucks location at Pike Place Market in Seattle (opened in 1971) is special and all, but it's the one-year-old location a few blocks away that really rocks. It has more seating, "stay-in" ceramic mugs, and most importantly, a Clover brewing system. More

Seattle: Beecher's Cheese at Pike Place Market

Erin Zimmer 7 comments

"Beecher's is as much a museum as it is a cheese shop and small cafe, which claims to sell the World's Best Mac and Cheese." [Photographs: Erin Zimmer] I can't think of a window display more entrancing than the one at Beecher's in Seattle's Pike Place Market. Two gigantic metallic bathtubs full of curds and whey in the middle surrounded by white-lab-coated, hair-netted, official-looking people dragging rakes through the tubs on important cheesemaking duty. The best? In the entire world? Beecher's is as much a museum as it is a cheese shop and small cafe, which claims to sell The World's Best Mac and Cheese, according to the chalkboard menu ($4.75 for eight ounces, or $8.25 for 16 ounces). The... More

Snapshots from Seattle: 'Applanche' at Pike Place Market

Carey Jones 4 comments

A portmanteau I can get behind. [Photo: Carey Jones] There's nothing worse than that moment when you grab one apple and the whole careful stack gives way. An avalanche of apples—or, as this sign at Pike Place Market says, an applanche. Note to self: find more occasions to use this word.... More

Daily Dozen Doughnut Company at Seattle's Pike Place Market

Sweets Carey Jones 16 comments

"Where are the Daily Dozen Doughnuts?" Erin asked as we strolled through Pike Place Market. She pulled out the iPhone, but I sniffed the air and stopped her. I smelled the fabled mini-doughnut stand before I saw it. More

The Crumpet Shop at Pike Place Market, Seattle

Erin Zimmer 11 comments

[Photographs: Erin Zimmer] The Crumpet Shop 1503 1st Avenue, Seattle WA 98101 (b/n Pike and Pine Street; map); 206-682-1598 How often do you eat crumpets? Probably not enough. This is something you realize at The Crumpet Shop in Seattle's Pike Place Market. Slightly richer-tasting and puffier than English muffins, these edible sponges soak up honey, blackberry preserves, thick pats of butter, or whatever else you decide to slather on top. Crumpetification. The shop—covered in Alice in Wonderland tea party murals and signs announcing free tea refills—first opened 34 years ago by Gary Lasater and Nancy McFaul, a husband-and-wife team who aren't actually British, just pro-crumpet Americans. The namesake starch remains the star here, as proven by the smiley Crumpet... More

Snapping Photos at the Pike Place Market in Seattle

Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Over the weekend our Seriously Meatless blogger Michael Natkin toured the Pike Place Market in Seattle with food photographer extraordinaire Lou Manna. Check out what Natkin learned about photographing nectarines over on his blog Herbivoracious.... More

Market Scene: Seattle's Neighborhood Farmers' Markets

Market Scene Leslie Kelly 2 comments

Phinney Ridge farmers' market. Photographs from Macartisan on Flickr Pike Place Market is one of Seattle's must-visit landmarks, but the 102-year-old icon is not the best place to meet actual farmers. Most of the purveyors sell the same produce you can buy in the supermarket. (Except on Wednesdays and Sundays in the summers when local growers set up shop on the street outside the rambling tourist attraction.) To find the true farm-to-table connection, savvy shoppers know to head to one of the dozens of neighborhood markets that sprout weekly around the city this time of year. It's possible to hit a different neighborhood each day of the week and truly get a flavor for this food-loving community. On Wednesday... More

Serious Cheese: Beecher's Handmade in Seattle

Serious Cheese Jamie Forrest 9 comments

"Beecher's is a great model for the new urban gastronomy—it reminds us city-dwellers that food comes from somewhere." Photographs courtesy of Beecher's Handmade Cheese Seattle's Pike Place Market delicately straddles two seemingly antithetical modes: down-home city produce market with plenty of local flair, and crowded tourist trap complete with fishmonger hijinks and overpriced hippie regalia. But to paint this place in such broad strokes is to miss the real beauty of it. What it comes down to for me is that for all the spectacle, a lot of the food you can get at Pike Place is really, seriously good. Other than the fishmongers, nowhere in the market is food performance as important to the experience than at Beecher's Handmade... More

Mario Unclogged: A Great Meal at Seattle's Steelhead Diner

Mario Batali 9 comments

I was in Seattle for a funeral—a crappy one—one for an 18-year-old nephew. Went to the potluck and did not eat, headed out to the hotel, and stopped into a new place called the Steelhead Diner just off of 1st Avenue near Pike Place Market. It ruled. Real dungeness crab cake with the big pieces of crab and no visible filler, served with sauce Louis from the '50s, but perfect. A plate of my dad's bresaola, perfectly sliced, dressed with great olive oil and fresh peaches. Wow ... fuck figs.... More

100 Years of Seattle's Pike Place Market

Alaina Browne 1 comment

Seattle's Pike Place Market is turning 100 this year, and the Seattle P.I. is running a series of articles on the market to celebrate. [via Girlhacker] Photograph from WordRidden on Flickr... More

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