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Ketchup Macarons, a Savory French/American Snack

Photograph by David Lebovitz If you think these macarons are raspberry flavored, don't bite into them just yet; they're filled with ketchup and cornichon-flavored filling. Pastry chef David Lebovitz makes Pierre Hermé's ketchup macarons with pretty good results. "The taste wasn't bad and I could imagine these as a savory-sweet hors d'œuvre, rather than for dessert—which I think is what they're intended for," says Lebovitz. He shares the recipe in his post, but you can find this recipe and more in Hermé's French book, Macaron. Related The Best Pastry Class Ever, Taught by Pierre Hermé Mitzy's Macarons From New Jersey: The Best Macarons Outside of Paris Macaron Week Round-Up... More

The Latest in Pierre Herme's World of Macarons

I've never been a fan of wasabi—it gives me the sensation that my nasal passages are on fire—but if anyone could make it taste good, it'd be master French pastry chef, Pierre Hermé. Wasabi-flavored macarons are a part of his fall pastry line, found at his shops in Paris and Tokyo. He just opened a new shop last month in Paris at 4 rue Cambon, in case Parisians need another reason to get to Pierre Hermé (not that they should). Can't get to his shops in Paris or Japan? Maybe you can get some help from his recently released macaron recipe book, Macaron. It's available at amazon.fr for €28.41 ($39.22). Related Introduction to French Macarons Where to Find Macarons... More

Mitzy's Macarons From New Jersey: The Best Macarons Outside of Paris

When Mitzy Budiono of Yummy in the Tummy emailed me to ask if I could be one of her macaron tasters, my first thought was, "HOLYCRAPYES" It was like a dream come true, except it was a dream I would've never even thought of because the idea of a macaron taste tester is too glorious to be real. To assure me that her macarons would be worth my while, she sent me a photo of them and a link to her blog post about taking a pastry class with Pierre Hermé. Pierre Hermé? The macaron master? Creator of the most delicious pastries I have ever eaten? Count me in. To ensure the macarons' freshness, she came up from her home... More

The Best Pastry Class Ever, Taught by Pierre Hermé

Photograph of Pierre Hermé by Kitchen Musings. If I had to guess, I'd say that a pastry class taught by famed French patissier Pierre Hermé would be the most coveted pastry class in the world. Veronica of Kitchen Musings recently attended one of his classes at the French Pastry School in Chicago—after being chosen from a waiting list of 2000 people for one of 20 spots—and documented the two-day class in painful detail, painful because her descriptions and photos of Hermé's perfect creations made me very hungry and jealous. The class focused on the quintessential French macaron ("Pierre said that his idea of a perfect macaron should have a lot of filling"—Pierre, this is just one reason for why I... More

Baking with Dorie: Gourmandise

It's not easy to translate gourmandise from the French. Strictly speaking, I guess it would be a delicacy or a treat, but the word, when applied to food, can also mean greedy. It's a great word—I mean, how many of us haven't been greedy for the treats we love—and it's a great name for this dessert from Pierre Herme. More

Cook the Book: World Peace Cookies

Can cookies bring world peace? I'm willing to try the enticingly titled recipe from Dorie Greenspan's Baking: From My Home to Yours to find out. Unsurprisingly, the cookie is the brainchild of French pastry mastermind Pierre Hermé; if anyone could... More

Step into the Sweetest Kitchen in Paris

Working at Paris-based Pierre Hermé, one of best patisseries in the world, is a joy that few of us are qualified to experience but many of us are curious to learn about. Thankfully, Fanny of foodbeam possesses the culinary prowess required to intern at the patisserie for the next 7 weeks and like any good food blogger is diligently documenting the experience. Her first week round up is loaded with beautiful photos and kitchen commentary that should interest any dessert lover or Pierre Hermé groupie (I being one of them), possibly resulting in uncontrollable drooling while staring into the hearts of the meticulously crafted creations. If you ever visit Paris and have a penchant for sweets, you absolutely cannot... More

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