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Weekend Cook & Tell Round Up: What's In Your Pantry?

It's time for the Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up! Last week we asked you to make something using the contents of your fridge, freezer, and pantry, no shopping allowed. It was wonderful to hear what everyone had sitting around in their kitchens, everything from Oreos to elk. Here are some of our favorite clean out the pantry recipes: My good friend hkrall made an incredible fridge fusion noodle bowl with pickled leeks, frozen dumplings, and a panko crusted poached egg. Check it out over at Drawing for Food. MadelynRodriguez made some great looking Spinach Puffed Empanadas using leftovers from previous meals. The empanadas were accompanied by a salad made out of Madelyn's extraneous vegetables from her CSA box. I... More

Weekend Cook & Tell Round Up: 'Off Cuts' of Meat

Photograph from ChefDJen on PhotograzingWelcome to the Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up. Last week we asked you to cook up some lesser known cuts of meat and share your experiences and photos. We got some pretty tasty looking responses. Paula Maack chose deckle, a fatty and wonderful that she has dubbed "the pork belly of beef." She braised in wine and stock and served it with some fantastic sounding buttermilk Cheddar horseradish mashed potatoes with Swiss chard. The results look delicious—check them out on Paula's blog. Palmsey chose the marinated roast eye of round. Sliced thin for sandwiches and served with some apple horseradish spread and Swiss, it was a hit. Football foodie grilled up some lamb shoulder blade... More

Weekend Cook and Tell

This week we are starting a new interactive cooking project called Weekend Cook and Tell. Each Wednesday we'll scour the various food sections of national newspapers to find an article or recipe to inspire a weekend cooking project. We want all of you serious eaters to take this idea and run with it, use your culinary creativity to come up with variations on the weekly theme. We will be cooking along, too. This week we found a great piece in the New York Times about cooking with "off cuts," inexpensive, lesser known cuts of meat. Let's go out and buy an unfamiliar cut and make something delicious with it. Over the weekend we'll all discuss our recipes and experiences... More

Share Pizza Photos with Your Fellow Sliceheads

Sharp-eyed Slice readers may have noticed a new addition to the Slice main page. In the third position on the page now is a window that shows you the two latest pizza photos submitted to Serious Eats' photo-sharing site Photograzing. If you already have a Slice/Serious Eats account, you can use it to submit your pizza porn. Whether you're a pizza-blogger, recipe-blogger, or Flickr user, you can share your photos with the rest of us. Simply upload a photo and provide the link back to your blog post or Flickr image, and it'll show up here. If you don't have... More

Turkish Eggs on Yogurt

I've gotta be honest with you: I don't think I'd ever heard of eggs on yogurt before. But why not? I love eggs. I like* yogurt. Why not try putting them together? To me, it's an unlikely combo that sounds just crazy enough to work. Serious Eats intern Emily Koh shot this photo and uploaded it to Photograzing recently. As she says, "You can't go wrong with poached eggs, and combining it with the yogurt and the slight spiciness from the chili oil = genius combo." Thanks for making me ultra hungry during my morning web-surfing, EKoh. :-P * I won't kid you: I like yogurt but eat it mostly as part of a healthy breakfast.... More

Broadcasting Deliciousness Around the World

With all the food reading we do at Serious Eats, we don't often see that much about what the troops stationed in Iraq are eating. Why not? The answer may be as simple as Chaplain Andrews' explanation on his blog: "If you have ever been in a cafeteria environment, you've got to understand how there really is just a couple of different ways to change up the meals. The really good food still gets old." We were happy, then, to see his link to Photograzing come through our referrer logs on a blog post titled, humorously, "What's Not for Dinner." It's a cool kind of exchange. First, we know he's taking some comfort in peeping the amazing photos that the... More

On Photograzing, You Are Making Us Hungry

Submissions from Married with Dinner and Ezra Pound Cake. In the short time that Photograzing has been up, we've gotten hundreds of submissions and have published—or are about to publish—more than 200 absolutely hunger-inducing photos that serious eaters have submitted. We launched our food-photo-sharing site last week, just before the Fourth, so if you missed it in the rush up to the long weekend, head on over and take a peek. Just don't go on an empty stomach. And if you're interested in submitting photos, note that if you already have a Serious Eats account, you're all set to begin uploading to Photograzing. If you don't have an account, it's free and easy to grab one.... More

Pizza Pix on Photograzing

From left, recent pizza-related Photograzing submissions from Bitchin' Camero and Nick Solares. For years, Slice readers have been sending me snapshots of their slices or have emailed asking about ways to upload and share pix of their pizza. There was no easy way to do it. Until now. Serious Eats, which Slice has been a part of since 2007, just launched a new food-photo-sharing site last week called Photograzing. You may have missed it in the run up to the holiday weekend. No worries. Head on over and check it out. Users can upload their food photos from their... More

Introducing Photograzing

As much as we’d like to, there are times during the day when can’t actually eat something delicious. At those moments, then, we have to resort to the next best thing—looking at delicious food. Photograzing is a place to share your best food photography, discover new food blogs, and find tasty inspiration. Whether it’s ideas for tonight’s dinner, some eye candy to help you procrastinate, or just a lively connection to the community of food-lovers on the web, we hope you’ll find this new food photography site a staple of your online diet. Learn more about Photograzing or go and... More

Introducing Photograzing

As much as we’d like to, there are times during the day when can’t actually eat something delicious. At those moments, then, we have to resort to the next best thing—looking at delicious food. Photograzing is a place to share... More

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