'Pete's Hot Dogs' on Serious Eats

Newburgh, NY: Old School Chili Dogs From Pete's

With my in-laws safely dropped off at the outlets in Woodbury on Black Friday, Hambone and I had the whole afternoon stretched ahead of us like an open road. Obviously the only course of action that made sense was to punch "Hot Dogs" into the on-board, high-tech, annoyingly cheerful-but-a-great-listener navigation computer in the Serious Eats Edge on loan from Ford and see where Cassandra (as I call her) wanted to take me.We headed to Pete's Hot Dogs in Newburgh, about as old school a hot doggery as you can find in this country. More

Hot Dog of the Week: Pete's Famous in Birmingham, Alabama

Pete's hot dog is strikingly different from every other Southern dog. It's one of those places where you walk in and just KNOW it's going to be awesome. It's a tiny place with a stainless steel counter and room for maybe six people at the most. Owner Gus Koutroulakis has been at the helm, cooking dogs on the tiny griddle from the same spot in the front window, since 1948. More

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