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First Look: Per Se's $65 Five Course Dessert Tasting

It's sort of like a dream come true isn't it? Five courses of plated dessert (not to mention sweet amuses and mignardise), from Pastry Chef Elwyn Boyles. Per Se's recently launched $65 dessert tasting menu is served exclusively in the Salon, which means that you can walk in on a whim any day of the week to indulge. And what a way to go. The menu changes frequently, incorporating both classic Per Se favorites (hello, "Coffee and Doughnuts") along with new, inventive numbers. More

New York City's Best Dining Experiences

Like most serious eaters, I've been searching for deliciousness my whole life, but sometimes, even I acknowledge there's often more to eating out than great food. Obviously for me the food is paramount, but there are other factors that go into judging great restaurants. More

I'm in a Doughnut State of Mind

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about doughnuts, both in NYC and elsewhere. And my conclusion is not pretty, especially when it comes to doughnuts in Gotham. Basically, I've concluded that New York is a lousy doughnut town.... More

Michelin madness

I went to the ridiculous party Michelin threw for its new New York Red Guide to hotels and restaurants. There were lots of chefs there. In typically haughty French fashion, the invitation requested we wear ties (I'm surprised they didn't... More

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