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The Vegetarian Option: Spring Salad at The Lobby

Chicago Amber Gibson 2 comments

Spring means asparagus, radish, spring peas and a tasty new salad for The Lobby. More

Bigger is Better at Baconfest Chicago 2012

Chicago Daniel Zemans 3 comments

Each time I go to Baconfest Chicago, I'm blown away by the enthusiasm and creativity shown by chefs from throughout Chicagoland. Over 100 chefs spent part of their Saturday to serve up food to 3000 of the most devoted bacon lovers ever gathered in one place. It was over the top, obscenely gluttonous, and magnificent in every way. More

California Eatin': Dutch Crunch in the Bay Area

Carey Jones 46 comments

Growing up in the Bay Area, there was a single bread of choice for sandwiches. No, not San Francisco sourdough--lunches came on Dutch Crunch, a dense, doughy bread with a moist crumb. But what sets it apart from other breads? The crackly top, with crunchy little bits growing from the paler crust underneath. More

Drive-By Soft-Serve at Yumi Yogurt in Redwood City, California

Sweets Carey Jones 10 comments

Before Pinkberry and Red Mango appeared on every corner, there was Yumi Yogurt--an adorably dated relic of fro-yo v 1.0 in Redwood City, California. This little yogurt hut has sat beside El Camino Real for the last 25 years, and in those decades, it's earned something of a cult following. More

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