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The Bronx: Louie & Ernie's Pizza for a Sausage/Onion Pie to Haunt Your Dreams

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Louie & Ernie's Pizza 1300 Crosby Avenue, Bronx NY 10461 (at Waterbury Ave.; map); 718-829-6230 Getting there: Closest train is the 6 at Buhre/Crosby aves; from there, it's a 15-minute walk south along Crosby Pizza style: New York Oven type: Gas oven The skinny: ZOMG. You need to get the sausage or sausage-and-onion pie. It will become an obsession When I posted my Top 8 Pizzas of 2009, there was one that didn't make the list. Not because it wasn't worthy but because I published that rundown just days before I visited Louie & Ernie's in... More

Dear Slice: My Pelham Bay Rundown

Homeslice Robert C. writes in with a list of pizzerias in the Bronx's Pelham Bay. I'll let him speak for himself. —The Mgmt. Dear Slice, I was recently turned on to your website and really enjoyed it. I see that you did a decent job mentioning some good Bronx places we frequent, like Louie & Ernie's, Coals, and Tosca. We live in Pelham Bay, and I am happy to report that we still have a ton of great pizza parlors in our neighborhood. I'm almost afraid to mention this, as I don't want too many tourists to come and the... More

A Slice of Heaven: Louie and Ernie's

Wassup, Homeslices? Adam here. I arrived at at Serious Eats–Slice world headquarters this morning, sat down at my desk, and before I could do even a lick of work, the bossman, Ed Levine, started badgering me: "Whatever happened to the excerpts of my pizza book you were posting? I haven't seen one on Slice in ages." He's right. So without further ado, Slice will resume posting excerpts from Pizza: A Slice of Heaven. If you've missed any, here's the archive of all Slice of Heaven entries. —The Mgmt. City officials know a good slice of pizza when they see one:... More

Louie & Ernie's

Louie & Ernie's Phone: 718-829-6230 Location: 1300 Crosby Avenue, The Bronx NY 10461 (Pelham Bay; map) Getting There: 6 train to Buhre Ave.; walk south along Crosby Ave. to 1300. It's a 10- to 15-minute walk Payment: Cash only The Skinny: Creamy, somewhat-sparingly applied mozzarella plus plenty of piquant Parmigiano and an ever-so-salty crust make this one of the best non–coal oven/nonartisanal pies I've had. Readily accessible only to those who live nearby in the Bronx's Pelham Bay neighborhood—and even those lucky stiffs have to make the trek there because Louie & Ernie's doesn't do delivery. I was beginning to... More

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