'Peepshi' on Serious Eats

Remember Peepshi?

Back in 2010 we did what we do every year: buy a mess of Peeps and see what happens. And what happened was this stroke of genius: Peepshi. The Peeps-sushi mashup has become an Easter tradition right up there with hiding eggs and eating ham. Here's our beginner's guide to Peepshi-making in case you need it. More

Peepshi, the Holiday Edition

Remember Peepshi? The "sushi" made from Peeps? We hadn't really thought about them in a while, until SE community member grellionaso showed us some she made with Christmas edition Peeps. "There were no regular peeps available. I was only able to buy some peeps white snowmen and green Christmas trees." More

The Peepshi Phenomenon: A Look at All of Your Peepshi Photos

When we first hatched the Peepshi concept and made our shopping list of Peeps, Rice Krispies Treats, and Fruit by the Foot, we knew it was pretty ridiculous but didn't expect it to explode the way it did. It's been incredible to see all of the Peepshi love on Flickr and across the internet. Of course Twitter became a playground of Peepshi links—we rounded up the tweets we could find, but feel free to add links to your photos if we missed them! More

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