'Peeps Week 2010' on Serious Eats

Video: 'The Colbert Report' on a Colorado Woman's Peeps Eviction Trial

Can't a woman love her Peeps? So much that she constructs a pyramid of them (accented with plastic grass) and tacks this masterpiece onto her door for all her apartment hallmates to enjoy? Apparently not. Carol Burdick of Boulder, Colorado, was evicted from her home last year for keeping her Peeps decor up two weeks after the holiday. On last night's episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert covered what has now turned into an eviction case against the Denver-based building management corporation AIMCO. Yes, all this over Peeps. Watch the clip. More

Peeps Krispies Treats

Peeps Krispies Treats unsurprisingly taste sweeter and more Peepsy (read: chemical preservatives) than regular Rice Krispies Treats. Thus, this is probably a dream treat for those in the under 12-year-old set. Kids these days and their taste for molten Peeps hearts. More

Our Peeps Diorama: Street Food Vendor Peeps

Inspired by the annual Washington Post's Peeps diorama contest, we put together our own to represent our love of street food. This scene is supposed to capture the Vendy Awards, organized by the Street Vendor Project each year to honor the best carts, trucks, and other curbside cuisine. Just like in the human world, in Peeps world, kebabs and ice cream are also big. Check out more close-ups of the diorama. More

Cakespy: Peeps Fluffernutter

It was really only a matter of time before Peeps, those pillowy pastel harbingers of spring, met the classic marshmallowy sandwich called Fluffernutter. And in this version, the mixture is sandwiched between two heft slices of pound cake. More

It's Time for Serious Eats Peeps Week 2010

People always seem to have complicated relationships with Peeps, the marshmallowy mascot of Easter. You either love or hate them, just like cilantro or blue cheese. We've got a few haters among us at Serious Eats world headquarters, but we still can't pass them in the Easter candy section without staring into their brown, beady eyes and buying them in every color. And so, we did, and came up with a week's worth of Peeps action for you. Stay tuned each day this week. More

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