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7 Ice Cream Sundaes We Love in NYC

New York Molly Goldman 11 comments

Some sundaes elicit pure nostalgia with Reddi-wip and Hershey's syrup, while more elaborate ones include rich fudge sauce and massive brownies. Frankly, we love them all. Here are 7 of our favorite sundaes in NYC that we always turn to when that very particular craving hits. More

Apps Only: Pearl Oyster Bar

New York Ben Fishner Post a comment

After last week's disappointing meal at the Fish Shack at BLT Fish, I felt it would only be fair to show everyone that there is such a thing as great restaurant serving the simple, delectable seafood of New England here in the city. Like Fish Shack, Pearl Oyster Bar is not a place to get a cheap meal, but unlike the Fish Shack, it is well worth it, serving food that's simple, delicious, and comforting, all with a warm smile. More

Sugar Rush: Praline Parfait at Pearl Oyster Bar

New York Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

I've already raved about the killer Hot Fudge Sundae at Pearl Oyster Bar, and the Blueberry Crumble that rolls around each summer is no slouch. But there's yet another to add to that list: the Praline Parfait ($7), where the butterscotch is made in-house, a silky, slow-flowing concoction of butter, brown sugar, and plenty of cream. More

TGI Fry-Day: Fries at Pearl Oyster Bar

New York Carey Jones Post a comment

Who doesn't love french fries? We've long been looking for New York's best, and decided that the city's fries deserved more than a post—they needed a column of their own. Here's TGI Fry-Day, your weekly dose of deliciousness. Got a... More

The 3 Best Hot Fudge Sundaes in New York City

New York Kathy YL Chan 17 comments

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] There's no time of year that's not perfect for an ice cream sundae. In the last few weeks, I've been chasing sundaes down all over town in order to find the best of what our... More

Sugar Rush: Pearl's Blueberry Crumble Pie

New York Kathy YL Chan 2 comments

Certain desserts bear that wholesome charm, the capacity to make you so happy, giddy in a single moment. A slice (or two) of the Blueberry Crumble Pie at Pearl Oyster Bar does just that for me. Each wedge is... More

Jane and Michael Stern's Four Must-Eat Foods in NYC

New York Erin Zimmer 9 comments

Bialy from Kossar's Bialys. Jane and Michael Stern, creators of the Roadfood forum, have co-authored 43 books on food across the country and the newest one comes out today: 500 Things To Eat Before It’s Too Late. “New York... More

Ed McFarland Holds a Press Conference: Life Goes On

Ed Levine 25 comments

I visited both Ed's Lobster Bar and Pearl Oyster Bar yesterday, in search of a glimmer of sanity and truth in what is obviously a sea of resentment and betrayal. I found out that, yes, Ed's uses the same toilet paper as Pearl. And that he makes a good lobster roll with thicker french fries than Pearl's. And that, yes, his Caesar salad does have English muffin croutons, just like Pearl's. And that Pearl's fried oyster roll is so deliciously crunchy, crisp, and briny I could have it every day for lunch. But I also found a beleaguered Ed McFarland, in way over his head as he tries to make sense of all this. McFarland held a press conference... More

Rebecca Charles is Mad as Hell and She's Not Going to Take It Anymore

Ed Levine 17 comments

Rebecca Charles, chef-owner of Pearl Oyster Bar in New York City and subject of an incredibly lively discussion on Serious Eats, is mad as hell and she's not going to take it any more. She's suing her most recent imitator, Ed McFarland, her former sous-chef of six years, for purposefully stealing her concept, menu, and look and feel in opening his own restaurant, Ed's Lobster Bar, less than a mile from Pearl. "I've looked the other way for years," Rebecca said. "I understand that chefs take dishes from the restaurants they worked in when they open their own restaurants. But Ed's Lobster Bar is much more than a knock-off. It's an exact duplicate of Pearl. Thirty-one of the 34 dishes... More

AGTV: (Lobster) Roll Your Own

The Serious Eats Team 19 comments

Will the heat of the kitchen force the Amateur Gourmet to seek professional help? Find out as Adam Roberts battles a lobster in an attempt to make the tasty crustacean into lobster rolls—with help from Rebecca Charles (Pearl Oyster Bar). More

Sandwiches That Will Change Your Life

New York Ed Levine 9 comments

For the September Details Magazine (on newsstands now) I wrote a story on 22 sandwiches that will change your life. It's worth buying the magazine for Anthony Cotsifas' pictures alone. Here's some of the story cut for space reasons: There... More

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