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Why Have I Never Tried: Goldenberg's Peanut Chews?

Sweets Max Falkowitz 25 comments

The Peanut Chew is old timey done right: roasted peanuts are suspended in thick, chewy caramel, then coated in surprisingly good crisp dark chocolate. Consider it, if you will, like a grownup Snickers, all the essentials with none of that nougat mishegas to get in the way. More

Candy a Day: Goldenberg's Peanut Chews

Sweets Christine Tsai 19 comments

Being allergic to peanuts sucks. Being allergic to peanuts AND chocolate sucks even more. Having a brother with these allergies, however, is awesome. Because that meant I only had to duke it out with my sister for the best candy in the peanut/chocolate family—Goldenberg's Peanut Chews. More

That's Nuts: Five Things To Do with Leftover Halloween Candy

That's Nuts Lee Zalben 21 comments

Butterfinger, Reese's (the cups and the pieces), Snickers, Oh Henry, Baby Ruth, Mr. Goodbar, Payday, Watchamacallit—so many Halloween candies involve peanuts or peanut butter. Here are some fun ways to eat them, not that there's anything wrong with the straight-from-the-wrapper approach. More

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