'Paupered Chef' on Serious Eats

The Paupered Chef Makes Kimchi

Our Dinner Tonight contributors Nick Kindelsperger and Blake Royer are currently in the midst of a fierce kimchi-making project over on Paupered Chef. At first Nick was skeptical: "Uncovering the ways of kimchi, however enlightening the process may be, would sort of remove the magic from the whole experience." Read his recipe here and Blake's (with Asian pears!) here.... More

Mastering Barbecue Side Dishes

Photographs courtesy of the Paupered Chef What's barbecue without its accoutrements? Meat may play center stage, but as in so many meals, the sides are just about as important as the main event. Serious Eats contributor Nick Kindelsperger tackles slaw, hushpuppies, and black-eyed peas over at The Paupered Chef.... More

Chicago: Best Food Neighborhoods?

Blake Royer of The Paupered Chef (and Serious Eats Dinner Tonight contributor) is moving to Chicago and asks, "Which are the best neighborhoods for eating and cooking? Nick lived it pretty fancy in beautiful Bucktown, which reminds us a lot of Brooklyn. . . Sing the praises of your Chicago neighborhood!" What say you, serious eaters?... More

The Thrill of the Bean

Paupered Chef Nick discovers the thrill of 90-minute, no soak beans: "The beans were cooked. Every single one was tender and ready to go. . . How could this be? This question drove me mad, because I have been cooking beans nearly every week for the past year, and now I realize I've been doing it all wrong."... More

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