'Paul Newman' on Serious Eats

Newman's Own's Wins 'San Francisco Chronicle' Soy Crisp Taste Test

Soy crisps are good because they establish the salty punch—whether ranchy, barbecuey, vinegary, or garlicky—but don't waste calories on a fatty base. No potatoes or other starchy chips, just puffed, low-fat soy crispiness. The San Francisco Chronicle realizes how puffy we all feel after the holidays, and how much we could use "snack alternatives," so they conducted a taste test with five brands. Newman's Own won for tastiest over Whole Foods' store brand 365, Glenny's, Gen Soy, and Safeway's Eating Right. As a soy chipper, I agree with the results, and hope Newman is watching from the clouds, knowing he did right in the soy snack world. Related Was Paul Newman's Greatest Contribution Organic Snack Foods? Paul Newman, as Cool... More

Was Paul Newman's Greatest Contribution Organic Snack Foods?

Yesterday in the New York Times, Kim Severson reminded us that the late, great Paul Newman's contributions to the world of food go way beyond his epic fifty hard-boiled egg eating performance in Cool Hand Luke. Newman significantly impacted the world of food with his line of Newman's Own products. His salad dressing isn't half-bad, his lemonade is refreshing, and his dark chocolate peanut butter cups are the stuff of serious food greatness. What's your favorite Newman's Own food?... More

Paul Newman, as Cool Hand Luke, Eats 50 Eggs

From great movies like The Hustler, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and The Sting, to his line of foods that benefits charity, Paul Newman's work will be missed by many. And who can ever forget the egg-eating scene in Cool Hand Luke? Nobody can eat 50 eggs—or can they? More

Newman's Own Wine: Better than the Salad Mists, Not as Good as the Lemonade

He has his own cereal, his own salsa, and his own steak sauce, and now Paul Newman also has his own wine. Last month, the philanthropic foodie introduced a 2006 Chardonnay and a 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, each priced at around $16, in partnership with the Rebel Wine Co. Like all Newman's products, all the profits and royalties after taxes are donated to charity. I was curious. Producing a decent jar of marinara is one thing; a bottle of wine is another. Would Newman's be any good?... More

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