'Patati Patata' on Serious Eats

Poutines Deathmatch: La Banquise vs. Patati Patata

Or, 'Two Poutine- and Montreal-Virgins Share Their Thoughts' Editor's note: Serious Eats readers Kathy Park and Rob Price emailed with this account of their recent trip to Montreal—and their first taste of poutines. Yum. Thanks, Kathy and Rob! —Adam Words and Photographs by Kathy Park and Rob Price | After a seven-hour road trip from New York City with only one food stop for breakfast, we were ravenous when we arrived in Montreal for Labor Day weekend (it was Canada's Labor Day, too!). For the drive, we had printed out pages of Montreal food chatter from Serious Eats and Chowhound, and learned about poutine. After many jokes about the word poutine, we decided that the dish Montreal is famous for,... More

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