'Passover' on Serious Eats

A Passover Menu to Feed a Crowd

On Friday night, Jewish families around world will gather at their dining room tables. They'll recline with just a little more intent. Most will crack open their haggadahs. Hands will be washed and bitter herbs dunked; there will be many, many glasses of wine. And then, history absorbed and tradition honored, there will be food. Glorious, glorious piles of delicious Jew food. Here's how it's gonna go. More

Behind the Scenes: Making Matzo at the Manischewitz Factory

Matzo production happens year-round at the 125-year-old Manischewitz factory in Newark, New Jersey, but goes into overdrive in anticipation of Passover. Most of this matzo for Passover is made months before, in the fall, when the factory goes through up to 50,000 pounds of kosher flour each day. Manischewitz let us peek the matzo-making process, which starts as a big dough ball. More

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