'PBR' on Serious Eats

Sunday Supper: Beer Can Chicken

Beer can chicken is an iconic summer dish. This version, however, is roasted instead of thrown on the grill. The theory is that the beer steams inside the bird, making the final product extremely moist. Whether or not that's true, the beer definitely adds flavor, and the addition of a few aromatics takes that even farther. Light beers are the best choice for this dish; I recommend PBR. More

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Schlitz Classic 1960s Formula

I was quite excited when I heard that the Pabst Brewing Company was fixing to replace the stuff I'd been drinking with a re-creation of the original Schlitz formula. I grabbed the new-old Schlitz and also a few other beers of its kind, so as to conduct the blind tasting that would finally prove that my preference wasn't based on packaging, euphony, or false nostalgia. More

An Evolution of Pabst Advertising

This one's making the rounds on Digg today: An evolution of Pabst advertising. From the days when dubious claims of healthfulness were used, through unfortunate racial stereotyping, through some surprisingly diverse ads, and finally—though not a true advertisement—the beer's infamous appearance in David Lynch's Blue Velvet.... More

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