'Otto Pizzeria' on Serious Eats

Top This: Lardo Pizza (à la Otto Enoteca Pizzeria)

"So is lardo essentially just....fat?" Someone recently asked me. Well in a way, yes, but really, it's so much more—pure pork fatback cured with salt and other spices such as rosemary, pepper, and garlic. The Lardo Pizza at Mario Batali's Otto Enoteca in New York City's Greenwich Village is an ode to the rich, slightly musky, creamy, silky perfection that is lardo. More

New York Big Wigs Name Fave Pies in 'Daily News'

I forgot to blog this earlier today. A bunch of celebs and food world big machers named their favorite New York pizzerias. It's in the Daily News: Martha Stewart: Luzzo's Rocco DiSpirito: "The white pizza in the bar area at The Modern." Mario Cantone: Apizz and Otto Help NYDailyNews.com choose New York's best pizza! [New York Daily News]... More

It's Not Easy Makin' Pizza in the Heart of the City

Über-chef, restaurateur, and television personality Mario Batali found out the hard way that even for famous chefs, cooking is easy and pizza is hard. When I wrote Pizza, A Slice of Heaven, I asked Mario to write about the difficulties of a well-known chef opening a pizzeria. Words by Mario Batali | I'd always wanted to make pizza—not the regular, great New York City slices like the ones I eat at Joe's, right around the corner from two of our restaurants, Babbo and Lupa, or the great whole pies made in coal-fired brick ovens like the one at Totonno's in... More

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