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Oscar Mayer's Wienermobile Food Truck with Hawk Krall, Plus a Giveaway

You could say that Oscar Mayer was all over the mobile food craze before their time, way back in 1936. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Wienermobile, the Oscar Mayer folks are launching a 30-foot truck, complete with the giant wiener on the roof, which will travel across the country this summer and stop in 12 cities including Detroit, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Philly, where it'll be this Wednesday with our own hot dog columnist Hawk Krall on the scene serving a special menu of wacky toppings...like bacon-wrapped dogs with pineapple salsa, crushed potato chips, avocado and chimichurri mayo. More

Taste Test: Hot Dogs

Ah, hot dogs. Meat tubes bursting with stars-and-stripes patriotism and, when they're good, a poppy snap with salty-garlicky-beefy juiciness. Even if you're not a "hot dog person" they just taste better on the Fourth. We went grocery shopping for the most nationally-available brands of all-beef franks, both skinless and with natural casing. Check out the results. More

Wienermobile Crashes into Wisconsin Home

Photograph from Fox News Imagine sitting at home minding your own business when the Wienermobile comes plowing through the wall. The hot dog-shaped vehicle crashed into a home just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Friday. The driver reportedly hit the gas instead of the brakes when she was turning into the driveway. Nobody was hurt in the accident, but the house and vehicle suffered moderate damage. Too many potential jokes here, don't even know where to begin. [via Jalopnik]... More

Oscar Mayer Deli Creations Ad Tips Hat to Blogs

The Copywriter Underground The Copywriter Underground critiques a print ad from Oscar Mayer that touts the company's Deli Creations flatbread sandwich line as blogworthy. It's a playful nod at the tendency of bloggers to document every aspect of their lives. So why not a premade deli sandwich? Says Copywriter Underground's Tom Chandler: Me? I vote thumbs up. The concept mixes a little edge and some fun with an ever-so-slight amount of self-deprecating humor. And yes, Oscar Mayer is clearly more interested in the “connected” generation than they are the old geezers (like the one writing this blog post). Chandler also points out that the ad could have pointed to Oscar Mayer's own blog, The Hotdogger Blog, which follows the... More

Oscar Mayer Taking Applications for Wienermobile Drivers Till End of January

Photograph by Matt McGee If driving an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is on your list of "Things To Do Before I Die," this news is for you: Oscar Mayer is accepting resumés until January 31, 2009, for next year's team of Wienermobile drivers. What responsibilities come with being a Hotdogger? If you're chosen, you'll represent Oscar Mayer as a goodwill ambassador through appearances on radio and television stations; newspaper interviews; and visits to grocery stores and charity functions. You'll work with professionals in the fields of consumer promotion, marketing and sales; help organize promotions and even pitch TV, radio and print media. And, of course, you'll get to drive a vehicle shaped like an over-sized hot dog. (The interior is... More

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