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Pastoral Orcas Island Offers Rich Farm-to-Table Options

L to R: Strawberries on the honor system, Chef Geddes Martin and his garden.Toni Hermansen popped open an tiny, briny oyster and handed it to me as I picked out a couple dozen bivalves at the Buck Bay Shellfish Farm on Orcas Island, a bucolic spot about three hours from Seattle. I slurped it straight out of the shell and thought: "Sold!" Actually, I had been thinking about taking home some Buck Bay oysters ever since devouring a half a dozen at the New Leaf Cafe at the historic Outlook Inn in Eastsound, the Island's biggest little city. The entire population of the laid-back island is about 4,500. And driving on the winding roads, you'd swear half the residents... More

Served: Cooks, Inspiration, and Giant Zucchini on Orcas Island

I blog by day and wait tables by night. I'm excited to bring you Served, dispatches from the front of the house. Enjoy! My composer friend U. returned yesterday to Columbia in New York from conservatory in London. We sat on the library steps in the sunshine and talked about how much she’s grown and grown up. She said, “I used to be so intimidated by these brilliant musicians.” Now, they are her friends. “When we’re drinking together and singing in the streets of Brick Lane,” she explained, “I’m not focusing on how talented they are.” Being surrounded by accomplished people can be incredibly inspiring. It can also be challenging, even discouraging. U. told me she will miss living, working,... More

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