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Daily Slice: The Portobello, Pine Nut, and Dried Tomato Pizza from Star Tavern

Of course we did get the requisite Pepperoni Pie ($11.50 and it was as glorious as ever, along with a White Clam Pie ($12.50) (theirs are made with plenty of garlic, and a clam-flavored bechamel-like sauce with just a few chunks of real clam—like no other clam pie I've had, but delicious in its own way), but this time I also opted for one of their specialty pie. Something about the high-low dichotomy of portobello, sun dried tomatoes, and pinenuts on a decidedly non fancy-pants bar-style crust seemed interesting to me. More

Dear Slice: Try Star Tavern in Orange, New Jersey!

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... At Orange, New Jersey's Star Tavern, try a plain pie first, says Jason Perlow of Off the Broiler. [Photograph: Off the Broiler] I saw your post on Colony Grill in Stamford. Looks pretty good, and I definitely share your enthusiasm for the old-school. But I think sometime soon you really should consider making a trip to Star Tavern in Orange, New Jersey.From the photos alone, I think we have Colony beat. Very similar style, but the upskirt from Colony does not seem to compare!"Star," as we call it, is an institution... More

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