'Oprah' on Serious Eats

The Latest In KFC Grilled Chicken Mayhem

Poor KFC. It seemed like such a good idea. New product; launch it with a giveaway. And then another, with a big-name celeb like Oprah to announce the coupons. KFC gets foot traffic; the people of America get free chicken. (And Oprah gets a few million more hits on her website.) So simple, right? Not quite. First, the website couldn’t handle the sudden online crush of chicken-seekers, making downloading the coupon impossible. Then, a KFC near New York’s Grand Central Station refused to honor customer coupons—despite, some report, clearly visible chicken waiting behind the counter—sparking a pretty intense outcry. (But not a "riot," KFC insists.) And to add insult to injury, California-based chain El Pollo Loco started a giveaway... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 50: Me and Oprah, the Marvin and Tammi of Diet Bloggers

"And when those duck fat fries at Hot Doug's call your name, Oprah, call or IM me instead. We can be our own mini diet support group." Oprah Winfrey, whom I admire a great deal, recently fessed up on her show about her weight gain. She said that at that moment she weighed over 200 pounds. Now having gone on a very public diet this last year, I can relate to what she's going through. And I don't have to withstand the scrutiny of millions of adoring fans for an hour every day on national television. So I have an idea. I don't want to sound presumptuous or anything, but I think Oprah and I should join forces in our... More

'Oprah,' Pizzeria Bianco, Google, and Slice: A Closed Loop

For as much as I (privately) grumble about the internet, I love it for stuff like this ... About 4:10 p.m. ET, I have the following IM exchange with my homeslice Philip G., who appears in the video above, capturing the first-ever video pizza upskirt at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix on his visit there: PGTips: bianco was just on oprah NYCSlice: wha? NYCSlice: no way NYCSlice: on the pizza show?... More

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