'Opinionated About Dining' on Serious Eats

Early Returns on New Dining Survey Not So Favorable

Steve Plotnicki's Opinionated About Dining Survey hasn't even been out a week and folks in Chicago have let him know in no uncertain terms how they feel about it and him. First, Chicago Reader's Julia Thiel calls into question Plotnicki's insistence on revealing his presence to the chef because he (Plotnicki) wants to get the chef's best shot. She correctly points out that Plotnicki's policy simply guarantees that he will not get the same treatment an anonymous critic or average diner would. Plotnicki's recent blog post about Momofuku Ko speaks volumes about this issue. Then Serious Eats' Chicago correspondent, Michael Nagrant, ratchets up his colleague's criticism more than a few notches on his site, Hungrymag. He calls Plotnicki a shill... More

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