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Cook the Book: 'On the Line'

You’d think that a chef with three Michelin stars would guard his secrets. But Eric Ripert, with Christine Muhlke, has written the restaurant equivalent of a tell-all memoir—well, minus the sordid love affairs. The establishment in question is Le Bernardin, the phenomenally successful fish restaurant now in its 23rd year; the book is On the Line. The sweeping narrative takes you all the way from the front of the house to the back of the pantry, providing “day in the life” timetables for everyone from the porter (“8:41 a.m.—Sorts and smells squid, turning plastic gloves inky”) to the pastry cook (“10:30 .a.m—One hundred dozen petits fours are finished for lunch.”) Dishes are described in detailed play-by-plays (“1:37:54—Flips fish”), kitchen jargon... More

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