'Off the Broiler' on Serious Eats

Blogwatch: Jason Perlow Is Smokin'

Jason Perlow, author of Off The Broiler, bought a box smoker for $75 last week that his photos suggest he's been putting to incredibly good use. Seventy-five bucks and meat that looks like that? Great buy, Jason!... More

The Best Hot Dogs

Photograph courtesy of Jason Perlow Food blogger and technologist Jason Perlow applies his thorough geekdom to one of the most detailed hot dog surveys I've seen since, well, since he did this back in 2004. Not only did Perlow round up 32 different brands of dogs from the East Coast and Chicago, he also roped in as judges the noted New York–New Jersey hot dog expert John Fox (aka "Hot Dog John") and Eric Eisenbud, proprietor of Amazing Hot Dog in Verona, New Jersey. The results are and headspinningly detailed and span almost all the cooking methods—grilled, fried, boiled, griddled—but Perlow has broken down the winners in a nine-page PDF complete with judges' tasting notes. If that's not enough,... More

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