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Oakland, California: High-Quality Neapolitan Pizza at Boot & Shoe Service

Slice David Kover 4 comments

The mission at Boot & Shoe is much the same as at Charlie Hallowell's Pizzaiolo. Neapolitan-inspired pizzas are topped with locally sourced ingredients and cooked in a wood-fired Mugnaini oven. More

Slice's Bay Area Pizza Map

Slice Adam Kuban 20 comments

View Pizza - Bay Area in a larger map

Above are all the pizzerias we have reviewed or Daily Sliced. It is by nature incomplete — but growing! Let us know where else we need to hit!


Oakland: Zachary's Makes Good Stuffed Pizza But with a Lackluster Crust

Slice Seth Mazow 11 comments

Zachary's Pizza is an East Bay icon, specializing in stuffed pizza. The pan starts with a layer of dough, followed by a hefty layer of mozzarella and toppings. Another thin layer of dough is added on top of the cheese and goodies before the robust sauce covers it all. While the cheese is hearty and the sauce is rich, I found the crust at Zachary's to be a bit disappointing. More

Oakland: Pizzaiolo Wuz Robbed

Slice L.A. Pizza Maven 7 comments

No, this isn't a story ripped from the daily crime blotter. I'm talkin' about Pizza Madness, the 64-pizzeria, nationwide slice-off conducted by Adam Kuban and Ed Levine, and the indefensible and inexplicable defeat of Pizzaiolo of Oakland at the hands of San Francisco's Delfina. More

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