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In Videos: Andy Rooney on Cereal

In last week's 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney talked about the things that people send him in the mail. We learn a couple of interesting facts about Rooney: He prefers Corn Flakes or Shredded Wheat to Wheaties and charges $47.50 to have lunch with someone he's never heard of before. I hope he's kidding. Video after the jump.... More

In Videos: Andy Rooney on Fruit

"I've bought a thousand honeydew melons and only three of them have been ripe." —Andy Rooney As Alaina here in the Serious Eats office pointed out, "Andy Rooney is the original blogger." I never thought of it quite like that, but as the camera follows him on a trip to the grocery store (from last night's 60 Minutes), what does he do but essentially blog aloud?... More

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