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Sugar Rush: Hot Chocolate Shavings at Nunu Chocolates

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

I always keep a pack Nunu's Hot Chocolate Shavings ($15) in my pantry because: 1) they satisfy a good winter hot chocolate craving; you never know when the snow and wind will hit in this crazy weather, and 2) the chocolate shavings are just as addictive when devoured plain, spooned up straight from the bag. More

Video: Brooklyn's NuNu Chocolates on Food Curated

New York Erin Zimmer 1 comment

Husband-and-wife team Justine Pringle and Andy Laird are self-taught chocolatiers. It all started with a "hey, what if we tried making chocolate?" impulse, and now they run Brooklyn-based NuNu Chocolates. In this latest episode of Food Curated from documentarian Liza de Guia, we meet the two, who describe their chocolate as comfort chocolate: it's accessible and not too complicated. You shouldn't have to think too hard about it. More

Serious Cheese: Pairing Chocolate and Cheese for Valentine's Day

Serious Cheese Jamie Forrest 3 comments

"Chocolate and cheese are both super-rich foods, and a little goes a long way. Savor every bite and go for quality over quantity." Ever since a college friend baked a bar of fine Swiss dark chocolate between two halves of a wheel of Brie, I've been intrigued and a little obsessed with the idea of pairing chocolate and cheese. It's tougher to get right than, say, pairing fruit and cheese, and sometimes it's downright nasty, but when you do get a good match, it can be truly sublime. And it also happens to be a really nice way to end a special Valentine's Day meal with two of the greatest foods humans ever created.... More

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