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A Guide to Norwegian (and Some Swedish) Candy

Faced with nearly 30 kinds of candies that are popular in Norway, I reverted to my excited five-year-old self after a prolific night of trick-or-treating. Click through the slideshow to get an overview of popular Norwegian (and some Swedish; there's candy overlap between these neighboring countries) chewy candies, hard candies, chocolate bars, chocolate not-bars, and licorice. More

Norwegian Brunost (Brown Cheese) and Apples

The first time I ate brunost, or brown cheese, was when I visited Norway two years ago. The brown block of sweet, caramelized cheesy goodness, a cheese slicer, and toast was a breakfast staple. (We also had jam. Lots of jam.) I didn't continue the practice back in the US, but reading Jude's post dedicated to the Norwegian cheese at Apple Pie, Patis, & Paté made me want to reintroduce the habit into my life. I wouldn't mind starting my day with a few thin curls of brown cheese and sliced apples. Related: The Omnivore's 100... More

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