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Reality Check: New York Beef from McDonald's in Norway

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 9 comments

For a limited time, McDonald's in Norway offered the New York Beef made with a 100 percent Norwegian beef patty topped with cheese, bacon, shredded lettuce, mayo, slices of tomato, diced onion, and ketchup on a sesame seed bun. As for what makes that New York-themed, I don't know. But being a New Yorker, I had to try it. More

Mail-Order Coffee: 3 Extraordinary Coffees Worth Ordering from Overseas

Drinks Meister 2 comments

If you're feeling a little flush and are looking for something delicious and new to blow that extra dough on, why not put it toward shipping and handling on a bag of beans roasted by one of these three exceptional overseas coffee artisans? More

Snapshots from Norway: Skillingsboller, Norwegian Cinnamon Buns

Sweets Robyn Lee 6 comments

During my trip to Norway in February I ate more cinnamon buns in one week than I'd eaten in all my life before then. Why? They weren't ooey, gooey, frosting-laden behemoths. The buns were frosting-less and just sweet enough, a nice snackable pastry for any time of the day. And snack, I did. Here's some more info about Norwegian cinnamon buns, plus a recipe. More

Snapshots from Norway: Kvikk Lunsj, More Than a Norwegian Kit Kat Bar

Sweets Robyn Lee 26 comments

To most of the world, Kvikk Lunsj, one of Norway's most popular and iconic chocolate bars from Freia, one of Norway's oldest chocolate companies, may not seem like anything special. At least, not anything unique. It looks just like a Kit Kat bar—a Kit Kat bar with the more utilitarian name "quick lunch," a role fulfilled by 250 calories of chocolate-covered wafers. But to Norwegians, the chocolate bar has another meaning: Hiking. Trekking. Skiing. Being active outdoors. More

The icePod, an iPod-Shaped Ice Cream Sandwich

Adam Kuban 6 comments

Oh, those crazy Norwegians at Hennig-Olsen. I wonder how long Apple puts up with the icePod. [via Gizmodo; thanks, Gordon!]... More

Gamalost: 'Viking Viagra'

Serious Cheese Jamie Forrest Closed

Last week, English-language culture site The Norway Post published an enlightening article on a rare Norwegian cheese called Gamalost. The name literally means "old cheese," and, according the article, dates back to Viking times, when it was used to "enhance sexual prowess." The cheese, whose odor has been described as reminiscent of an old sock, is, perhaps predictably, losing favor among Norway's youth. From the article: "Phewww! That stuff is nasty—smells like my dog's bed, but my Grandpa loves it!" was a typical answer when I asked some teens in Balestand, Norway, if they ate Gamalost cheese.... More

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