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The Food Lab Turbo: Broiled Miso Black Cod

These days, miso-marinated black cod is almost synonymous with Nobu Matsuhisa's New York restaurant, though he by no means invented the dish. It stems from a traditional Japanese preparation called kasuzuke, in which fish and vegetables are marinated in the leftover lees from sake production before being broiled or grilled. This is the fish dish to pull out when you're ready to blow away your spouse or dinner guests, but don't want to put more than five minutes of effort into making dinner. Five minutes. Really. More

Black Cod With Miso

One of my favorite fish dishes is black cod marinated in miso, as made famous by Nobu's Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, and Rasa Malaysia's just posted a recipe for it, inspired by the Nobu Cookbook. I hadn't realized it was so simple to make—the marinade is just four ingredients, and the most complicated step is leaving the fish in it overnight—but now that I know, I'm going to be giving it a try for dinner this week. You should too!... More

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