'No Impact Man' on Serious Eats

'No Impact Man,' First a Blog, Now a Movie and Book

"Those who are calling this movie a stunt are missing the point." Colin Beavan with his daughter Isabella. [Photographs: noimpactman.typepad.com] Nearly two years ago, I logged into my website Eat Local Challenge to find a large spike in hits. An article had been published in the New York Times about Colin Beavan, aka "No Impact Man," and his New York-dwelling family. Beavan had embarked on a year-long journey to make no net impact on the earth. The family didn't use electricity, bought nothing new, and famously stopped using toilet paper. So why the spike on Eat Local Challenge? Beavan's blog had linked to mine in reference to his family's no-impact efforts to eat food from within 250 miles of Manhattan.... More

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