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Tonight on 'Nightline': Pizza as Recession Food

Tonight on ABC's Nightline, a segment on pizza as recession food. The news program's John Berman talks to various pizzamakers (Dom DeMarco, Jim Lahey, and the director of operations for 99¢ Fresh Pizza among them) on how the crap economy has affected them. After the jump, some quotes from the piece. Nightline airs at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC; the segment will appear tonight (12/8/2010) barring any breaking news. More

Video: John T. Edge on Nightline on 'The Soul of Soul Food'

Southern Foodways Alliance director and friend of Serious Eats John T. Edge was on Nightline's Platelist program over the weekend talking about the importance of food in the South. "Our food matters, our food comes with a really distinctive, sometimes troubling, but ultimately triumphant backstory. That's what makes it matter to me," he says in between visits to Bertha's Kitchen and Scott's BBQ, both in South Carolina. "By learning the backstory, we can bridge race and class gaps...there is hope in barbecue." Watch the segment, after the jump. More

Nominate Your Favorite Chef for Nightline's 'Platelist' Series

One of our favorite sources of food TV is the "Platelist" series on ABC's late-night news show Nightline. Over the last two and half years it has aired insightful interviews with chefs and food-world luminaries. The producers have done an excellent job highlighting newsworthy chefs over the 57 different segments they've shot, but now they're opening up the selection process to the public. More

Chef Nate Appleman's Secret to Skinny-Making Oatmeal

If you watched the recent episode of Nightline where chefs talked about weight loss, you may have wondered what svelte chef Nate Appleman of A16 in San Francisco was putting into his oatmeal. "I haven't had a doughnut in two and a half years," he said while stirring up the bowl. That was a mix of banana, plain yogurt and almond butter, he tells us in an e-mail. What kind of oats? Steel-cut at the restaurant, instant at home.... More

On TV Tonight: Nigella Lawson

Nightline's "Platelist" series tonight with a segment on Nigella Lawson: "...if you can allow yourself to take pleasure in food then maybe you won't have to do that what's always rather idiotically called 'comfort eating' which is really discomfort eating...." ABC, 11:35 p.m. ET, barring breaking news... More

Video: Frank Bruni Reviews the Choco Taco

One major plus about Frank Bruni stepping down from his New York Times Dining critic position is he has more time to mull over pressing issues like the merits of a Choco Taco. (And we can even see his face while he does so!) When Bruni appeared on Nightline this week, he moseyed over to an ice cream truck to review everyone's favorite rhyming dessert taco. How many stars did the Brunmeister give it? The video, after the jump.... More

Wolfgang Puck on 'Nightline' This Friday

This Friday on Nightline the show's Platelist series looks at the phenomenon of celebrity chefdom, talking to the patriarch of the movement, Wolfgang Puck. A snippet: John Berman: Do you think it's a problem now though that kids who want to be chefs have unrealistic expectations? They think if they learn to cook they’ll have two TV shows, they’ll write four books and open 12 restaurants?Wolfgang Puck: Well, you know, I tell all of these young people, men and women in the kitchen, that patience is really a lost virtue in a way. People want to be everything in two years. They think I started to cook and two years later I opened Spago, then I had the TV show,... More

'Nightline' Reveals Supposed Secrets of 'Iron Chef America'

Slated to air last Friday, but bumped because of a Qantas jet explosion that occurred the same day, Nightline ran their piece on Iron Chef America last night. The segment, described as a "behind the scenes" look that was supposed to "reveal secrets," actually revealed nothing we didn't already know: they use stand-ins before the Iron Chef is selected, the contestants know the secret ingredient ahead of time (it's one of three), and the Chairman isn't really the nephew of the original Japanese version's Chairman. He's just an actor. When asked about the judges, Cat Cora said, "you have to grin and bear it. There are times when you want to put a choke hold on someone but, you know,... More

In Videos: François Payard on 'Nightline'

"What we do is the same thing like those on Broadway. Everyday you open the curtain and it's a new show." —François Payard Learn more about renown French pastry chef François Payard of New York City's Payard Patisserie and Bistro in his interview on Nightline's "Platelist" series. If you're not craving chocolate right now, you will after watching Payard make chocolate French toast and chocolate cake. After watching the video, grab the recipes and read more of the interview at Nightline's website.... More

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