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Gallopinto (Nicaraguan Rice and Beans)

Rice and beans are served at every single meal in Nicaragua. It's either rice and beans, or riceandbeans, otherwise known as gallopinto ("red rooster," though friends and I used to call it "painted rooster" due to odd translations and plain old foolishness). The name alludes to the color of the mixture of white rice and small red kidney beans, which mirrors that of the king of the coop. More

Latin American Cuisine: Nicaraguan Arroz con Pollo

Arroz con pollo is a classic of the Nicaraguan kitchen repertoire. It frequently goes by the stage name "arroz a la valenciana," which for English speakers will translate literally into Valencian rice, aka paella. Arroz con pollo is far from paella, but one can imagine how our Spanish forefathers may have prepared it in their colony, adapting their traditional recipes to their new regions' ingredients. The passage of time, the advent of canned foods, and the ease of convenience products led to the total bastardization of the original arroz a la valenciana, but it remains among the top favorite dishes of the populace. More

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