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What's it Like to Sit through Next's 23-Course Vegan Menu?

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 16 comments

What happened to Chicago? When did this meat-obsessed, stock-yard city become so obsessed with vegetables? Not to be outdone, Dave Beran, the executive chef at Next, crafted a 23-course vegan menu for the summer. More

3 Places to Try Sustainable Siberian Sturgeon Caviar in Chicago

Chicago Amber Gibson 7 comments

Have you tried Siberian sturgeon caviar yet? This sustainable roe is popping up on top menus around town. More

First Look at Next: The Hunt

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 15 comments

By now, I hope you know the drill with Next, Grant Achatz and Dave Beran's West Loop restaurant, which not only changes its menu every four months, but also its complete focus. On Wednesday, the restaurant flipped again, with a new menu called The Hunt. I was lucky enough to get tickets to opening night. More

A Tour of Sicily at Next in Chicago

Chicago Andrew Janjigian 17 comments

This post took some time to get to us. Due to Next's quick moving schedule, the Sicily meal recapped here is no longer available. But since many of us didn't get experience this unique menu when we could and because these pictures are so good, I thought a little eye candy wouldn't be such a bad thing. More

Staff Picks: Our Last Bites in Chicago

Chicago The Serious Eats Chicago Team 8 comments

If you could only have one last bite in Chicago, what would it be? It's a completely hypothetical question, one that is obviously meant to get a reaction, but it's something worth thinking about every now and again. We asked all the contributors on Serious Eats: Chicago to come up with one dish they'd eat if they only had one last meal in Chicago. More

Next and Ruxbin Make GQ's National Top Ten New Restaurant List

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

Other cities may be wondering why their restaurants didn't make the list, but Alan Richman included two very worthy Chicago spots. Both Next and Ruxbin made the list. More

Check Out Next's El Bulli Teaser

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

Admittedly, we don't spend a lot of time here talking about what's coming up with Next. Unless, of course, a burger happens to be involved. But this is just so...cool. More

10 New Chicago Restaurants We Loved in 2011

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

It was hard to keep track of every single restaurant opening of 2011. In fact, some of these places feel like such institutions, it's kind of amazing that they only opened this year. While there are undoubtedly restaurants that I unfairly left off the list, here are the ones that I couldn't wait to get back to. More

Nick's 8 Best Bites in Chicago From 2011

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

It didn't matter where I looked in Chicago this year, I could always find something truly delicious. Some weeks it was about a little taqueria with killer tripe tacos (La Chaparitta), while others it was a restaurant recreating fine dining in Paris circa 1906 (Next). More

Chicago: Postmodern Burger at Next Will Blow Your Mind and Make You Giggle

A Hamburger Today Daniel Zemans 23 comments

What happens when the creative geniuses behind one of the world's most wildly acclaimed restaurants get to unleash their mad scientist molecular gastronomy in a whimsical environment? At Next, the newish creation from the team at Alinea, it means the simple hamburger undergoes a glorious transformation. More

Meet & Eat: Grant Achatz

Meredith Smith Post a comment

Alinea chef Grant Achatz just published his memoir Life on the Line, which details his path to culinary greatness and his coinciding battle with tongue cancer. He's simultaneously been in the process of opening his new restaurant project Next, and the accompanying bar Aviary. The man's busy! Learn about his upcoming projects, and his secret love of Little Caesar's. More

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