'Newman's Own' on Serious Eats

Taste Test: Milk Chocolate Bars

Milk chocolate often gets dismissed as the immature younger sibling of dark chocolate, but we are not ashamed of loving it. When good, milk chocolate melts on the tongue like butter. Of the ten brands we tried in a blind tasting, see which were the most butter-melty, which had weird notes of beef jerky, and which belong only on s'mores. More

Newman's Own Wine: Better than the Salad Mists, Not as Good as the Lemonade

He has his own cereal, his own salsa, and his own steak sauce, and now Paul Newman also has his own wine. Last month, the philanthropic foodie introduced a 2006 Chardonnay and a 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, each priced at around $16, in partnership with the Rebel Wine Co. Like all Newman's products, all the profits and royalties after taxes are donated to charity. I was curious. Producing a decent jar of marinara is one thing; a bottle of wine is another. Would Newman's be any good?... More

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