'Newcastle' on Serious Eats

We Try the New Newcastle Bombshell Blonde Ale

Where does this beer fit into our fridge? It's not going to cut through the heat the way a bitter IPA or ice-cold lager might, but we appreciate how flavorful and mouthfilling it is, especially when served with food. Some might find Newcastle Bombshell overly filling for hot-weather drinking, but we'd love to offer it to the bitter-beer averse who are stuck in a hefeweizen rut. More

New Beer: Newcastle Winter IPA

We've got nothing against regular Newcastle. Smooth and creamy, with a nice toffee flavor and just a light bitterness, we're happy to drink it while watching football and eating chili. So our interest was piqued when we heard that Newcastle's releasing a new limited-edition beer. But a "Winter IPA"? What does that even mean, and can the Newcastle/Heineken folks pull it off? More

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