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'No Sharing! No Doggy Bags!' A Mountain of Brazilian Meat at Fernandes Steakhouse, Newark

Despite an almost comically expansive menu of meat and seafood dishes (including some interesting combinations like sauteed pork cubes with clams, potato cubes, pickles, wine, cilantro, and "Spanish sauce"), most people come to Fernandes for the Rodizio ($29.75, "!!! No Sharing/No Doggy Bags !!!"), in which men wielding large skewers of grilled meats wander from table to table, slicing off fresh portions of meat until the diner is physically unable to consume another calorie. More

Hanging Gardens of Ham, Mountain of Salt Cod at A. J. Seabra's Portuguese Supermarket in Newark, NJ

It was with a sip of Portuguese "fire water" in my belly and some serious heat-induced dehydration that I launched myself giddily down the aisles of Newark's A & J Seabra Supermarket. And I'll level with you—that stuff is strong. So it took me a few minutes to reassure myself that it wasn't just the booze and the heat flushing my face and sending me bouncing from counter to counter, plucking items from the shelves, glassy-eyed and greedy. More

Good Bread: Portuguese Specialties at Teixeira's Bakery in Newark

The Ironbound district of Newark is a pancake-flat trapezoid hemmed in between the city's downtown, the Passaic River, and the highway. For almost a century, it's been home to a thriving Portuguese community, rivaled in size only by Massachusetts communities like Fall River and New Bedford. The Ironbound's main drag, Ferry Street, is lined with Portuguese, Spanish, and Brazilian restaurants selling platters of paella, barbecue, and the like. If you want a bite of something just as Iberian but not so gut-busting, head to Teixeira's Bakery, with two stores in the Ironbound. The line to the counter is often forty deep, but it's worth the wait. More

Hot Dog of the Week: New Jersey Italian Hot Dog

The New Jersey Italian hot dog has been haunting me since starting this Hot Dog of the Week column a little more than a year ago. I've been dying to try one and finally made it to North Jersey to do so. Honestly I was a bit worried that this holy grail of hot dogs wouldn't live up to the hype. I had the opportunity recently to stop at Joe Joe's Italian Hot Dogs in Toms River, one of the few places in central or south Jersey serving an authentic New Jersey Italian hot dog, the other being Jersey Dogs near Fort Dix. My mind has officially been blown. More

Upstart Newark Pizza Truck Actually Cooking Pizza in Truck

TVJersey.com It's interesting how people view the world through their own slightly warped lenses. For instance, the Newark Star-Ledger begins this piece on an upstart pizza truck with the news that it's pissing off its neighbors. But viewed through the Slice lens, I'd say they buried the lede. Here's what caught my eye in the story about the Lost Brothers Pizza truck: [Owner Howie] Stern came up with the idea of the mobile pizzeria several years ago after seeing a similar concept in Manhattan. The truck in New York, though, had its pies premade and heated them in the... More

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